C2 grammar in Use

of having been born

There is some negativity related to this vocabulary: "convicted, exposed, diagnosed, shot and forced".

Quite long phrases don’t get tagged correctly even with the ability of choosing the sense of the vocabulary item:

of A1 having A1 been A1 born A2 after A1 having A1 been A1 given A1 after A1 having A1 been A1 convicted C2 after A1 having A1 been A1 told A1 of A1 having A1 been A1 used A1 of A1 having A1 been A1 made A1 after A1 having A1 been A1 found A1 after A1 having A1 been A1 exposed B2 as A1 having A1 been A1 made A1 after A1 having A1 been A1 diagnosed C2 of A1 having A1 been A1 exposed B2 of A1 having A1 been A1 written A1 after A1 having A1 been A1 shot B1 after A1 having A1 been A1 sent A1 of A1 having A1 been A1 designed B1 despite B1 having A1 been A1 told A1 after A1 having A1 been A1 forced B2 despite B1 having A1 been A1 born A2 after A1 having A1 been A1 notified C1 after A1 having A1 been A1 closed A1

It is however useful to find individual words quickly:

  • born A2 convicted C2 exposed B2 diagnosed C2 shot B1 designed B1 despite B1  forced B2 notified C1 

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At C2 our learners can use prepositions complemented by non-finite “Verbing” forms in present perfect progressive.

\w+_I. \w+_VHG \w+_VBN \w+_VVN

  as a label. Non-priority foods include: # A food can be described as having been made in a country if it underwent its last substantial transformation in that country

  news. ” Don Lemon- schooled a guest on exactly that. # Even after having been given the definition of ” fake new ” by Lemon, a Trump loving

  pain around the infected area. This sign will typically occur a few weeks after having been exposed to the virus. The pain and discomfort will become more pronounced until

  trust. # It is so very hard for us to accept the shame of having been used, and we will often stay in the situation in an attempt to

  the surface. = # Funny, I do fall into that lucky category of having been born with a positive disposition, having had a safe and happy childhood,

  may not! It is a situation wherein a person has no option even after having been given an option because of the existence of interdependent options. Confusing right!

  days, ” referring to a race of giants. Some Christians, even after having been told the Cardiff Giant was a hoax, continued to promote its authenticity as

  , food, and life science. Laura gives high praises to Dr. Bates after having been given the advice to take his class. She said, ” Thanks to

  , ” so why are they being punished collectively for the ” crime ” of having been born ” wrong “? How can the government of Israel practice systematic racism

  only a child, praying desperately for them to forgive me of the sin of having been born human. Why should I believe in Jesus? Why should anyone?

  village; or foresters and wildlife experts attempting to keep oak wilt from spreading after having been found in two Canandaigua trees; city officials hoping to ” take a blight

  1989 of coronary disease when he was 81. This man survived 10 years after having been diagnosed with cancer, # My practice began to grow because the first patient

  the search, various findings were discovered, including assault tools that were suspected of having been used by the suspects in the murder. The interrogators traced the couples steps

  Herbert’s own experience; he spent four months imprisoned in a youth reformatory after having been convicted of wearing drag in 1947. The character of Queenie in the play

   What thoughts and feelings will go through the head of a patient feeling after having been told that their alcoholism has led to irreversible liver damage? qwx88430 # This

  the occupants – rather as humans might treat experimental animals – and then released after having been given the hypnotic suggestion that they would remember nothing of that particular experience.

  he didn’t seem to appreciate being called ” Wrong Way, ” even after having been told the tale. His displeasure seemed to fan the flames, especially the

  breach: The tenant may, when the landlord fails to make needed repair after having been given reasonable notice, do any of the following: (1) terminate

  Will You Please Go Now! Boom-Bah # One of the sounds described as having been made by the Yooks’ Butter-Up Band ” in The Butter Battle Book.

  is reserved for those who should be separated under conditions of dishonor, after having been convicted of offenses requiring severe punishment. # Dismissal # The punitive discharge imposed

  just another e-commerce platform where mass-produced manufactured goods could be sold under the pretense of having been made by hand. Etsy deservedly took a lot of heat for this decision

  the obligations of the Jewish rites and ceremonies; in speaking of the advantage of having been born Jews: and in urging a compliance with the law in order to

  to disallow the instrument has not been resolved or withdrawn within 15 sitting days after having been given, the instrument is deemed to have been disallowed and it ceases to

  Address the package to the appropriate testing facility # If flammable liquids are suspected of having been used to accelerate a passenger compartment fire, samples should be collected from the

  a person claiming an interest in the motor vehicle to appear at this proceeding after having been given notice constitutes a waiver of the claim. However, the failure to

  hysteresis effect, by which a piece of iron acquires some permanent magnetism after having been exposed to a strong field. In order to create a strong permanent magnet

  Under rule of law, a person can not be deprived of freedom except after having been convicted of violating a specific law by a jury in a trial governed by

  10 and others; but the Osiris (the deceased) of pMaiherperi, after having been given eternal life and akhu power, says: 11 # My ames sceptre

  who worked with Ithier for two decades, said Ithier medically retired in 2013 after having been diagnosed with cancer. # Ithier died Jan. 31. # Ithier was active

  seamless, some women will learn (or confirm) that they are pregnant after having been given a pregnancy test by a doctor who performs abortion as part of his

  likely, it seems sensible to me to make some changes to diet even after having been diagnosed with PCa. # Barry # User # Posted 11 June 2016 12:13:44(UTC)

  ) as a Registered Nurse. They do help somewhat with the pain but after having been diagnosed with a Mortons Neuroma in both feet, only daily icing and cortisone

  On the day of her last daily apparition on May 7, 1985, after having been given the tenth secret, Our Lady told Ivanka that she would have one

  of Amnesty and the RSPCA, challenged the law in the High Court, after having been told it could not advertise on TV against the use of primates by commercial

  , a 37 year old woman appeared in Inverness Sheriff court for sentencing today after having been found guilty of 15 charges of selling fake designer labelled goods from two addresses

  On 6 May 1964, three ANC members in the Eastern Cape were hanged after having been found guilty for killing a person suspected of informing on the ANC. From

  to understand. And completely credible and convincing. # on the phone, after having been told that the Russian Premiere is drunk Hello? Uh, hello? Hello

  time, the factored base year value will be re-enrolled. # What if after having been given a reduction, my value continues to decline? # Once a property

  until about a month ago was staring at a death sentence for the crime of having been born Muslim (her father was), being raised as a Christian (

  students guess at word meanings and replace it with time spent using those words after having been given a definition. # This would mean replacing something like, ” Who

  13 patients overdosed with a variety of other central nervous system depressants showed improvement after having been given a total intravenous dose of 1.2 mg naloxone. This rapid and clear

  with ” allergic ” effects following reexposure to a certain substance (allergen) after having been exposed to the same substance. High risk: The term ” risk “

  , Green-veined White, Gatekeeper, Speckled Wood and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies. # After having been given the exact location for the star butterflies (thanks Doc!),

  Well, under MWI there are people who ” are ” you in sense of having been born to the same mother on the same day, but their branch diverged

  which a prisoner like George Jackson could be sentenced from one year to life after having been convicted of stealing a mere $75. applause # For if you talk to any

  and DCBA agreed to refund the full amount of the house-hunting claim. # After having been diagnosed with an operational stress injury, a corporal was transferred outside his combat

  The complaint, which was filed today, charges that MARCHAND possessed a firearm after having been convicted of a felony offense. The complaint alleges that law enforcement agents recovered

  vs Rice, 22 petitioner asserted he is a United States citizen by virtue of having been born on September 4, 1973, in Chicago, Illinois. In August

  value for committing the murder. # (c) The defendant committed murder after having been convicted previously in any jurisdiction of any homicide, the elements of which constitute

  # ” How to separate or cut in half a city the Bible describes as having been made into an’ immovable rock’ these are the thoughts currently occupying the

  and all the books of yours I already have. # Hi Jules, after having been diagnosed with GD early in my first pregnancy last year, I too felt

  flimsy. Thus Soldier F fired three rounds at a window in Rossville Flats after having been told by another soldier that there was a gunman there. He did not

  a few that stand out as having a familiar ring, the unmistakable quality of having been used for a particular character or bit business. Here are the 10 quintessential

  it. But I would desire especially to get back to Argentina and Chile after having been exposed to them in this little sample that we got through this trip.

  District of Alabama charged Rice in a one-count indictment with possession of a firearm after having been convicted of violent felony offenses, including three such crimes that qualified him for

  growing up, they never identified with their sex, often experiencing a feeling of having been born into the wrong body. When the choice becomes available, many opt

  a la’ What if wild animals could be killed with a perfect shot after having been given a pain killer?’, or’ What if birds were flying

  she can neither transcend nor ignore its meaning, which gains the irony that after having been exposed to its crushing sincerity Anne rightly sees ” insincerity in everything ” Mr.

  in 1994. Rose West was jailed for life, in November 1995, after having been found guilty on 10 counts of murder. Fred West was never convicted of

  Individuals with these mutations are also at a higher risk for contralateral breast cancer after having been diagnosed and treated for an initial breast tumor compared with those who do not

  Clomid. I am not a medical professional by a long shot, but after having been diagnosed with this 13 years ago and been TTC for over 3 years now

  as in the former instance, the play itself affords no very material proof of having been used by Shakespeare. In this case, however, we have to note

  my blood. This essentially means that I am now clear from any cancer after having been diagnosed with this terminal disease. # ThetaHealing, while miraculous, wasn’t

  in the moment of truth the Mormons have to face the world unprepared, after having been given a hundred years fair warning. ” 34 # Nibley also shared some

  thrifty person residing in an ignorant and improvident community — to enjoy the reputation of having been born to ” good luck. ” Her ” good luck ” was owing

  is closed, creditors of the decedent’s estate that failed to show up after having been given notice of probate might be barred from trying to collect a debt against

  seem to suffer no damage from being stored at freezing temperatures and remain fertile after having been exposed to below freezing temperatures. The question is, does the situation change

  protocol for help with gradual tapering of diazepam to which I have become addicted after having been given them by my GP for panic attacks caused by severe work-related stress.

  worked with a glow in the dark additive so these pieces glow bright green- after having been exposed to light, and theyll glow exceptionally in UV light! 212125 qwx832125

  , Cassandra Rivera, and Anna Vasquez spent nearly 15 years in prison after having been convicted in 1997 of gang-raping the two young girls. The nightmare for the

  visiting or using our Website, or otherwise providing us with your personal information after having been given notice of this Policy, you are accepting the practices described in this

  in a one-room walk-up apartment. He had recently been released from a hospital after having been diagnosed with diabetes. After talking for a few minutes, I asked if

  and am only taking additional college classes since I was dealt the unfortunate hand of having been born in NJ where they require 150 college credits to attain the CPA license

  then make public to the Church that he was pertinacious in his deviation even after having been given sufficient instruction and warning; they would establish and publicise that his heresy

  on the day that the painter William Utermohlen willed his brain to science, after having been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease in 1995. Alzheimers, a progressive form of dementia

  and politics; visited Athens on numerous occasions and was finally forced to flee after having been convicted of impiety. His famous formula that man is the measure of all

  This carefully paced and subtle story about a man’s efforts to retain hope after having been convicted of murders he didn’t commit is not flashy, but is unforgettable

  ” the nerve endings where the virus lies dormant ” may acquire some immunity after having been exposed to one viral type. In a controlled setting, researchers had trouble

  interviewee, for sharing your story and for your willingness to do so soon after having been diagnosed. Writing about your experience and sharing it in this way (or

  a handful of months later, the former West Virginia governor was dead, after having been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in his Barrington, Illinois, home. – At

  ” for music and language # an ability to work on their own (after having been given guidance), in order to develop and consolidate skills # stamina to

  motion is favorable to the probationer, and the attorney for the state, after having been given notice of the proposed relief and a reasonable opportunity to object, has

  outlast stainless there are chimney pots in england that are in almost perfect condition after having been exposed to very high sulfur/chlorine coals for well over 100 years, if the

  # THE of game company Activision’s PR machine has escaped jail after having been found guilty of stealing around? 19,000 to pay for her lavish lifestyle.

  When a woman is used as an expiatory victim and enslaved for the crime of having been born a woman, all men and women who know that this obscurantism will

  in the planned atrocity # A British-based Muslim faces life in a supermax prison after having been found guilty in New York of plotting to blow up Manchester’s Arndale shopping

  the car. # Scrapings were taken from the wall of the bridge suspected of having been made by a bullet, there were also scrapings taken from a mark made

  Earlier in the night, he had kicked the exterior of a taxi cab after having been told to leave a bar. # At the corner, the attempt to

  need the warning can then sit through the class. # If people leave after having been exposed to a trigger warning, I find it presumptuous to assume that they

  court system determined whether he should be allowed to avoid the military draft. After having been convicted of a felony and stripped of his boxing license and titles, the

  , also known as ” Thug Life, ” guilty of possessing a firearm after having been convicted of a felony. He faces a minimum mandatory penalty of 15 years

  had remarried out of necessity after being abandoned those who our Lord describes as having been made adulterers, as though they themselves weren’t fully culpable especially if

  Attorney General Jeff Sessions — who was forced to recuse himself from the investigation after having been found to have lied over his links with Russia — has many crying foul

  properly # Ms Dunworth said she suffered intense pain, shock and distress and after having been given ice, cream and bandages she had sat in the toilet for the

  the Las Ramblas area of the city this Carvalho ImagesThe van suspected of having been used in the Barcelona attack is towed away from the area where it crashed


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