quantifying determiner + possessive determiner + OF + noun phrase

A2 Point 29 in DETERMINERS is defined: quantifying determiners + possessive determiners + ‘of’ + noun. (noun phrases) *There are other A2 determiner grammar points that are less specific,  not requiring quantity or possession. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: In fact, some of my habits are changed by my mood. Arabic male level 3 writing class. An iWeb search for: _D of _AP _NN …

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THE OTHER + noun

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 47 in the category of DETERMINERS/articles is defined as: ‘THE OTHER’ with a singular noun to refer to the second or the opposite of two things, and with a plural noun to refer to one of a set of things. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: After a while, I thought that it was better to move to the other house. Korean, Female, Level …

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many + PLURAL NOUN ?

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 45 in the category of DETERMINERS/quantity is defined as: ‘MANY’ WITH PLURAL NOUNS, INTERROGATIVE An iWeb search for: many _NN2 ? 1 MANY OTHERS ? 293 2 MANY POSSIBILITIES ? 181 3 MANY THINGS ? 168 4 MANY QUESTIONS ? 167 5 MANY OPTIONS ? 126 6 MANY CHILDREN ? …

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