SHALL (question)

SHALL (question)

Questions with shall are difficult to differentiate across A2 and B1 in the English Grammar Profile.  They also overlap across categories. Here we give their examples with the details of the grammar entry.  Whether or not advice is being sought after, is at both levels.  The main formal difference is that most of the A2 points are yes/no questions.

B1 point 113 in the category of MODALITY:

‘shall’ to seek advice.

A2 point 32 in MODALITY:

shall with ‘we’ to make suggestions.

A2 Point 45 in MODALITY:

‘shall I’ to make offers.

A2 point 17 in MODALITY:

shall question form

A2 point 19 in the category of FUTURE:

future simple (with will and shall) QUESTIONS

A2 point 12 in the category of FUTURE:

future simple (with will and shall) OFFERS WITH ‘SHALL’

A2 point 15 in FUTURE:

future simple (with will and shall) SUGGESTIONS WITH ‘SHALL’

A2 point 14 in the category of CLAUSES:


  • Shall we meet at 7.30 pm?


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