‘AS’ + pronoun + ‘USED’ + to-infinitive

Student example in a speaking test: I don’t think that they pay enough attention towards the national customs as they used to do those days. TLC female Sri Lanka B2 Point 236 in the category of MODALITY is defined: ‘as’ + pronoun + ‘used to’ to add background to a narrative, often to highlight something unusual A search in iWeb for: as_C _P used_V _TO _VV 1 AS …

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There’s this + noun phrase (immediacy in a narrative)

C2 point 64 in DETERMINERS/demonstratives is defined as: ‘this’ with nouns and noun phrases in a narrative to create a sense of immediacy. All the examples in the English Grammar Profile follow the pattern ‘There + BE + this + noun phrase’ A search on iWeb for: there_EX _VB this _N 1 THERE ‘S THIS …

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