Imperatives Defined:
Imperatives are commands or orders expressed as a grammatical mood in English.
They instruct someone to do something or refrain from doing it.
For instance, “Sit down,” “Listen carefully,” or “Don’t shout.”
Affirmative Imperatives:
“Now, wait a minute.”
“Sit down, Zero.”
Negative Imperatives:
“Don’t shout; you’ll wake the children.”
Politeness and Tone:
Imperatives can vary in tone:
Forceful: “Stop!” (Direct command)
Polite: “Please open the window.” (Adding “please” softens the tone)
Offering Help: “Let me find you something.” (Using “let” to offer assistance)
Subject and Implied Subject:
Imperatives often imply the subject:
“Make me a pizza.” (Subject: “Anthony”)
Sometimes, the subject is explicit:
“Hey Anthony, make me a pizza.”

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