make + OBJECT + ADJECTIVE ‘make me happy’

To understand ‘make + object + adjective’ let’s see how there are many ways to say for example: ‘you make me happy.

The meaning is the same as:

  • ‘I am happy because of you.’
  • ‘You cause me to be happy.’
  • ‘You are the reason I am happy.’

The grammar of ‘you make me happy’

“you make me‘ = subject verb object

The adjective: ‘happy‘ complements the object.

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 52 in Adjectives/position is defined as:

adjectives as object complement after ‘make’.

Student writing examples using: MAKE + OBJECT + ADJECTIVE


He always tries to help people and make them happy.

PELIC level 2, Chinese



His most annoying habit is eating with his mouth open. It makes me sick just to have lunch with him.

Arabic, Male, Level 3

We have many more examples from corpora for ‘make + something + adjective’ here.

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