Feedback using the profiler

I was given some writing from Egypt to check.  The person who submitted it said that the level is C1.  I put it through the free grammar profiler and it gave me the following information.  It predicted that this writing is actually C2.


Dear Parents, I hope you are doing well.

Actually, I appreciate your son‘s participation and good behavior,

howeverI have noticed that he is still dramatically struggling with some language features, so I tailored an intervention plan to handle his needs and elevate his level.

Here are some home [work] tasks and activities which [should|might|will] enhance his performance gradually.

My main suggestion is to include a modal verb as you can see in bold.  Otherwise, I believe this is very advanced writing.  Although there is no C1 or C2 grammar in the text, the correct usage of a variety of structures, and the advanced vocabulary clearly make this a piece of writing from an expert user of English.  I would only suggest looking through some of our C2 grammar points here.