complexity pies

complexity pies

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How do I predict the writing level using the pie chart in the ‘complexity checker’ software?

C2 language from CLC

If more than 33% of a text is highlighted above A2 then it is probably from a C2 or proficient English writer. Or in other words,  66% of it is not basic A1 and A2.  In 100 words, there’ll be at least 2 examples of  C1 or C2 to make it a sure prediction too.

B2=7.5% C1=1.6% C2=0.9% mc=2.9% vc=1.3% c=1%

6400 a1 words (sample size gauge)


29% (up to 32%) will not be A1 or A2 for a C1 piece of text. There will be at least 1 example of either C1 or C2 language in 100 words to be sure.

B2=6.1% c1=1.1% c2=.5 mc=2.3 vc=1.1 c=1

6000 a1 words


24% (up to 28%) will not be A1 or A2.  There will be at least 5% B2 or C1 or C2 language to be sure.

B2=4.6% C1=.8% C2=.3% mc=1.5 vc=.7 c=.7

a1 5600 words

*Sadly there is no b1 and below students in sketch engine access to CLC.  There is however a way to choose below B1 performance.  I believe that might mean A2.  But I am not sure.

Below B1

If 80+% of the text is tagged with A1 / A2 we can be pretty sure to say the writing is PRE-intermediate and shouldn’t be considered for Academic study yet.

B2=3.6% C1=0.5% C2=.3% mc=1 vc=.6 c=.4


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