Comparing the complexity checker

For this comparison, I have taken 20 random sentences from C2 student production out of the Cambridge Learner Corpus via Sketch Engine.

I have added them into Text Inspector here:

This should give you an idea of just how many manual operations you would have to go through to utilize its strength of being able to choose the correct sense of a word.  I find it daunting to spend that much time on 500 tokens.  Next, I add the exact same text into “Write & Improve” and it gives us an overall writing level of C2.  Quite accurate considering that is proficiency level it came from:

The strength of the text inspector is it shows you the vocabulary details.  Strength of “write and improve” is it indicates an overall level (and error correction).  The following snapshot is taken of the same 20 sentences put through the “complexity checker” here on this site.