neither * nor

This conjunction can give focus or emphasis to a variety of parts of speech, phrases and clauses either side of “nor”

The frequency between the adverb “neither” and conjunction “nor” as tagged in the iWeb corpus:










neither he nor his wife is the most common set of collocates

  call? ” I expected him to say yes, but he said no, neither he nor his wife ever doubted what God wanted them to do. That confidence

  inevitably to the death of this idiot’s wife. Without those chain of events neither he nor his wife would have ever been born and lived in the first place

  image as a crusader who would cut government spending. The returns even showed that neither he nor his wife supported diverting a single dollar from their taxes for public financing

  ” how his relations develop with his growing son. ” He also said that neither he nor his wife had any inclination to be saddled with a dacha, although

  these men for them to dig out, after which he used them himself. Neither he nor his wife ever originated a single doctrine held by the Seventh-day Adventists.

  – one because he and his new wife were arguing, and the other because neither he nor his wife were feeling well enough to drive him to school one morning

  between parent and child. When Moiyeds daughter, Ruqaiyya, suffered an attack, neither he nor his wife knew if she had recently taken her medicine, and so

  from the States coffers. Before Moores election as State Representative in District 91, neither he nor his wife had ever done business with the State. # Moore was

  in peace; but the failure of an attorney left him suddenly penniless, and neither he nor his wife was willing to live in penury where they had enjoyed consideration

  . ” She got up from the table, and strolled outside to play. Neither he nor his wife, Robin Bates, worried. # Much as they loved

  . He had carefully planned how his wife would manage when he died first. Neither he nor his wife was prepared for her diagnosis of acute leukemia, which did

  stake if she tells anyone how his own past mistakes are entwined with hers. Neither he nor his wife is about to let that happen.

  the residence are Daniel and Julane Wells. Reached by phone, Daniel Wells said neither he nor his wife have a financial interest in the plane. The airport was

  stake if she tells anyone how his own past mistakes are entwined with hers. Neither he nor his wife is about to let that happen. About Tiffani Quarles

  explicitly equated the Deity of Judaists, Muslims, and Christians without qualification. Yet neither he nor his wife expressed any objection to O’Reilly’s statement. # So,

  what appeared to be the victim and his wife’s signatures. The victim said neither he nor his wife ever signed the title. # In January, a Paducah

  for good behaviour, he will serve just half that time behind bars. # Neither he nor his wife, Rita, was prosecuted for social security fraud (which

  paths with his son, he wants to bro-out and watch sport with him. Neither he nor his wife wants to be the bad guy, meaning that it’s

  . Mind you I get he was seperated from his wife at the time but neither he nor his wife had filed for divorce at the time he started sleeping with

  and let it know if anything needed correcting. One of the answers confirmed that neither he nor his wife had any motoring convictions in the past five years. #

  home and having an online business. # 5 years later by God’s grace neither he nor his wife Melane have had to get a ” real job “.

  Williams, a High Point resident and longtime visitor to the Outer Banks. # Neither he nor his wife, Jeannie, had ever been caught in a rip current

  this tale, namely who is going to foot the bill for the treatment that neither he nor his wife consented to (not to mention the bills for the lawyer

  but they do run wild and whine quite a bit, and I notice that neither he nor his wife ever TELL them to do or to stop anything. Everything

  time. Well, from looking at all history tells us about this man, neither he nor his wife ever came to that more convenient season. Two years after

  he will turn over his company interests to a pair of new trusts in which neither he nor his wife will have a beneficial interest, according the ethics agreement he

  agreement, Perdue pledged that within 90 days of his appointment as agriculture secretary, neither he nor his wife will be a trustee or a beneficiary of either new trust

  first marriage had broken down she said she didn’t know, but knew that neither he nor his wife had been involved with anyone else and eventually conceded that it

  delivered to Complainant’s home address on December 21, 2010, Complainant stated that neither he nor his wife received the Notice on that date. The signature on the

  . ” This is all criminal foolishness, ” said Glushko, the botanist. Neither he nor his wife had voted. ” Madness. Kosmograd is finished, we

  a gun shop and wielded a handgun, in consideration of purchasing one. But neither he nor his wife could get comfortable with the idea: ” It was too

  cut and his brother hadn’t been, his father apologized and told him that neither he nor his wife had wanted or expected this to happen – being Greek they

  Pascoe. – A previously mild mannered husband developed aggressive behaviour and bouts of rage that neither he nor his wife could explain. – This article reports that in this case,

  , she visits his home to find and impoverished half brother cares for him and neither he nor his wife care much for the boy. Ruth takes extra care of

  in peace; but the failure of an attorney left him suddenly penniless, and neither he nor his wife was willing to live in penury where they had enjoyed consideration

  s ” excited to see what the Lord is going to do. ” # Neither he nor his wife, Rebecca, and their three children ages 11, 13

  Just last Friday i had an evening session with a Gulf War Vet, and neither he nor his wife have managed to be anywhere near ok since the early 90s

  came with a whole different approach, not as easy to get to know and neither he nor his wife embedded themselves in the community. It was as if they

  and it was the beginning of his gradual recovery. It is worth stating that neither he nor his wife had previously given much attention to vitamin therapy.

  . ” I asked him how he knew about V1. He told me that neither he nor his wife drive anywhere without their V1s. # I took his advice

  network uses unlikely people in overlooked places to do extraordinary things, Cambria says. Neither he nor his wife had pastoral experience. # ” I was an unlikely person

  but President Deby sacked him a few weeks ago. The former ambassador claims that neither he nor his wife have done anything wrong. They have not been charged with

  him. He was a regular and a part of the neighbourhood. ” # Neither he nor his wife were at home at the time of the incident as they

  children to be christened.) # But it was a difficult decision, as neither he nor his wife was ” fully ” part of the faith: he was

  the aid of a cushion and outlining his reasons for having the procedure. Since neither he nor his wife wanted more children, he said, he was ” taking

  female student. # At the Wayne home he was arrested at Wednesday morning, neither he nor his wife were talking. # Investigators said the history teacher met the

  his first house in Parma, a Ukrainian suburb of Cleveland. # (neither he nor his wife ever bothered to learn much English), he was regarded

  be looking at the big wall of the building, ” Rudy said. # Neither he nor his wife are opposed to having some kind of recreation facility on the

  and? 30,000. # When The Sunday Telegraph visited Dr’s home, neither he nor his wife, who also worked at the clinic, would answer the

  said the study was, in part, inspired by his own family. While neither he nor his wife are redheads, they have two children with red hair,

  and his holdings are believed to be in the tens of millions of dollars. Neither he nor his wife have declared their net worth, in defiance of Azerbaijani law

  the case. Those findings have not yet been released. # Kenneth Johnson says neither he nor his wife have returned to work since that January day. He is

  they would go get a warrant and forcibly remove the plants. The report states neither he nor his wife were ever threatened with arrest, but reluctantly agreed to let

  return to the coach’s box this season and followed undertakings earlier this year that neither he nor his wife Tania would depart from the club’s official company line.

  be the same thing “. Concerned about the spider being inside the banana, neither he nor his wife wanted to throw them out, so the father of two

  to obtain custody her next week. # Farook had no criminal record, and neither he nor his wife was under scrutiny by local or federal law enforcement before the

  down with chills while on vacation in North Carolina on September 29, 2001, neither he nor his wife figured it was a big deal. She went to spend

  service. This far-younger Chicago writer never wanted to live like his parents, but neither he nor his wife can afford, well, a wife. Their marriage “

  to them and emulate them. Madoff himself was not a particularly social man. Neither he nor his wife, nor his sons, maintained any high social profile at

  they gave him natural remedies to boost his immune system but he admitted that neither he nor his wife have any medical training. # ” You’re working in

  with Joe Gorga and Chris and Jacqueline Laurita, according to the Daily Mail. Neither he nor his wife returned to the show after they filed suit against the network

  included photos of himself with Judi Tyabji. CBC reported that Wilson told them that neither he nor his wife would be commenting on the arrest. # Interestingly,

  ‘s adult son is found dead of an overdose a coroner’s conclusion that neither he nor his wife can quite believe the seemingly meek civic worker, on

  senseless shooting, ” Mastrapa said. # Police said Diaz called 911, but neither he nor his wife tried to help Iglesias before authorities arrived. # Iglesias was

  and his wife are seen walking nearby, talking on a cellphone. # ” Neither he nor his wife showed any remorse for what they had just done, “

  cabin. Mr. Leath made a hard landing in Illinois that damaged both wings. Neither he nor his wife was injured. # He said in his statement that there

  ” out of place. ” # One victim, Steven Densmore, testified that neither he nor his wife initially noticed the door had been pried open because there was

  daughter should she make such a decision as an informed adult. # Indeed, neither he nor his wife thrust their beliefs down their children’s throats. # Take

  Robinson, a former director of communications with the DUP, told the Press Association neither he nor his wife had any direct involvement with the business or RHI. #

  never advised anyone to join the botched State-subsidised initiative. And he had stressed that neither he nor his wife had any direct involvement with the business or RHI. #

  exactly, ” he says. He has been teaching for over a decade. Neither he nor his wife received an official notice, a justification or a court order

  Would you be open to the idea of buying the rink? ” # While neither he nor his wife had been thinking about buying a business, they both had

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