In addition to all the grammar points from the EGP, this is the first post dedicated to A2 and above grammar in the EVP that is included in the coding of the complexity checker.  We are only including those points which are not already covered.



used before some action nouns when referring to one example of the action
I took a shower and ate my breakfast. B1; Thai

used before the first but not the second of two nouns that are often used together
I like a clean fork and knife. B1; Polish

used when referring to a unit of something, especially something you eat or drink
We both had a coke and a hot dog. B1; German

used between a fraction and a unit of measurement
The lesson is half an hour but you have to be there 10 minutes before.  A2; Greek


above all
most importantly
She is a very nice person and above all, she is really cheerful. B1; Spanish

in advance
before a particular time, or before doing a particular thing
Don’t forget to book in advance because as you can imagine, everyone goes away from the city during the summer holiday!   B1; Spanish

again and again
many times
I read it again and again and was more and more surprised.  B1; French

once again
Once again I’m sorry. B1; French


on account of sth
because of something
On account of its location, it is always busy. B2; Korean

in actual fact
used to emphasize what is really true, or to give more information
Nowadays almost all people own a car and in actual fact more and more people have been facing death as a consequence of careless driving.  B2; Portuguese

all over again
B2 repeated from the beginning
After that I went back to my home in Ribeirao Preto to begin my routine all over again.   B2; Portuguese

yet again
B2 again after something has happened or been done many times before
Tom, thank you so much yet again for your interest. This talk is very important to me and to count on you is an honour for our college.  B2; Spanish

be aimed at sb
to be intended to influence or affect a particular person or group

PIAZZA is too modern and is aimed at the young.


the air
the space above and around things

It was an old painting. In it, a man was holding his axe up in the air and was ready to hit a tree.   B2 Greek



used to strongly agree with someone
So have the Swedish grandparents got funkierAbsolutely! C1; Swedish

in accordance with sth
in the way described by a rule, law, or wish
Although they do not earn much money in this profession, they try to do their best and judge in accordance with the law which they also have to interpret.  C1; Polish

by all accounts
as said by a lot of people
have known Michael Van Cleef for over two decades now, and he is, by all accounts, an exemplary worker. C1; French

out of action
damaged or hurt and not able to operate or play sports
The air-conditioning in my room was out of action and the hotel manager didn’t care.  C1; Japanese

have sth against sb/sth

to have a reason not to like someone or something
If you have nothing against taking public transport, I suggest taking a bus.  C1; Polish

Long ago

Not so long ago, you could ring each Dutch doorbell of your choice at 6 pm and you’d find the whole family gathered around the kitchen table, having their supper. C1; Dutch

in aid of sb/sth
in order to collect money for a group of people who need it
It would be an honour for us students at the centre if you could attend our sports function in aid of stressed out kids and present the prizes.  C1; Spanish

with the aid of sth
using something to help you
The newest computer can handle data that human brains can not and therefore all scientific research is carried out with the aid of computers.   C1; Chinese




Absolutely not.
used to strongly disagree with someone or to agree with something negative
Does it mean the parents will allow them to eat anything they pleaseAbsolutely not. You have to give the children some optionsinstead of imposing things on them. C2; Portuguese

of your own accord
If you do something of your own accord, you choose to do it and no one else forces you.
She would go alone, but it was something that was chosen of her own accord. C2; Greek

on no account; not on any account
not for any reason or in any situation
Mary did not want Martin to leave on any accountlet alone move to a foreign country.  C2; Catalan

across the board
happening or having an effect on people at every level and in every area
Children in separate schools get on with things regardless of it being work for boys or girls, which can be quite positive especially in today’s lifestyles where chores are done across the board.  C1; Afrikaans

get your act together INFORMAL
to organize your activities so that you can make progress
He was determined to get his act together and try to find a solution to his problem.  C2; Spanish

add insult to injury
to make someone’s bad situation worse by doing something else to upset them
To add insult to injury, such an approach often turns out to be counterproductive. C2; Polish

adverse conditions/effect(s)/impact
things that cause problems or danger
However, we should bear in mind that tourism could have an adverse effect on the local environment.  C2; Greek

then/there again
used when adding a fact to something you have just said

The fact that people live longer nowadays does have some advantages, but then again it also causes a lot of problems.   C2; Dutch

against sb’s advice/wishes, etc.
If you do something against someone’s advice, wishes, etc., you do it although they have said you should not or must not.
He was a very ambitious student who wasn’t afraid to develop ideas in unconventional ways and pursue his research even against the advice of his supervisors.    C2; German

against all (the) odds
If you do or achieve something against all the odds, you succeed although you were not likely to.
The stormy waters and heavy winds were a great challenge, and almost deemed it impossible for me to succeed, but against all odds I managed to defeat my fears.   C2; Swedish


at the tender age of 8/17/25, etc. LITERARY

She met my father at the tender age of 14, and she soon knew that this was the man she wanted to stay with for the rest of her life.  C2; Danish


be aimed at doing sth
to be intended to achieve a particular thing

Working within projects aimed at improving local agricultural output, I stayed 3 years in South America.  C2; Danish


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