can be

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 98 in the category of modality is defined: GENERAL TRUTHS AND TENDENCIES: ‘can be’ TLC STUDENT SPEAKING TEST EXAMPLE: Their students can get good grades and their income can be higher. male China B1 We follow the EGP example patterns in iWeb: _NN can_VM be _R _J 1 RATES CAN BE AS HIGH 102 2 RATE CAN BE …

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 SO + adjective + THAT clause

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 83 in CLAUSES/comparatives  is defined as:  ‘so’ + adjective + ‘that’ clause. For example: But l would ask you, assembled here in this house of God, to recognize that we are witnessing something new,  something so unexpected, so unusual that it is not surprising the government is at a loss. listen An iWeb search for: so _J that * * 1 SO GLAD THAT I DID 776 2 SO HAPPY THAT I FOUND 449 3 SO GLAD …

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