New Academic Word List vocabulary not in the English Vocabulary Profile

Until June 2021, the English Grammar Profiler tool that automatically tags grammar and vocabulary used both the EVP and the AWL for the same words which was making level prediction less accurate.  Today we have removed the AWL tagging to allow for the full EVP to highlight its levels across vocabulary more accurately.  Instead of abandoning any academic tagging of the text, we have decided to form a list of all the vocabulary that is not in the EVP, but is in the NAWL.   We found that about 50% of the NAWL is not covered by the EVP.  The list we came up with was the NAWL first separated by the Vocabkitchen tool and then refined for a few missing points in TextInspector.  There are some errors in both those tools when it comes to differentiation of British vs American spelling too. Finally, some of the plural forms are incredibly rare. The final 1036 words are listed below (but have not been verified directly to not exist in the EVP).  We will be slowly linking items to examples of their usage elsewhere.

abdominal abdominals absorption acceleration accented accenting acidic activate activated activates activating acute adaptive aerosol aerosols aesthetic aesthetics affirm affirmed affirming affirms afterward aggregate aggregated aggregates aggregating algebra algebras algorithm algorithms alien aliens altitude altitudes aluminum amino amplitude amplitudes anthropologies anthropology anti antibodies antibody antiquities antiquity appendices appendix appendixes approximated approximates approximating approximation approximations array arrays arrowed arrowing artefact artefacts articulate articulated articulates articulating artifact artifacts artwork artworks auctioned auctioning audio audit audited auditing audits autonomy axiom axioms axis

bacterial bargained bargaining barrel barreled barreling barrelled barrelling barrels batted batting beamed beaming behavioral behavioural binaries binary biodiversity biologies biologists blanked blanking bodily bounded bounding bounds bracketed bracketted bulking bundled bundling

calcium calculus capillaries capillary capitalists carrier carriers censor censored censoring censors characterisation characterisations characterization characterizations chemotherapy chloride chlorides chromosome chromosomes chunk chunked chunking chunks circa circulate circulated circulates circulating civilisation civilisations clay clip clipped clipping clippings clips clone cloned clones cloning coefficient coefficients cognitive collective collectives colonial colonials colonies colony commentaries commentary communist communists compact compacted compacting compacts complement complemented complementing complements composite comprehension computation computations conceptual conditional conditionals conduction cone cones configuration configurations confound confounded confounding confounds congruent connector connectors connotation connotations conserve conserved conserves conserving contour contoured contouring contours converge converged convergence convergences converges converging coordinate coordinated coordinates coordinating coordination cord cords coronary corpus correlate correlated correlates correlating correlation correlations correspondence correspondences cortex cortexes cortices critique critiqued critiques critiquing cue cued cueing cues cyclic cylinder cylinders

damped damping damps defected defecting deflection deflections degrade degraded degrades degrading delta deltas demonstrator demonstrators denominator denominators denote denoted denotes denoting derivative derivatives descendent descendents descriptor descriptors detection developmental deviation deviations diagnostic diagnostics diagrammed diagramming diameter diameters differential differentials differentiation differentiations diffusion diffusions dilute diluted dilutes diluting dimensional dioxide dioxides directive directives disadvantaging discharge discharged discharges discharging discourse discoursed discourses discoursing discrete dissection dissections dosed dosing dye dyed dyeing dyes dynamics

economically elaborated elaborates elaborating elastic elasticities elasticity elastics electron electrons elevate elevated elevates elevating elevation elevations embed embedded embedding embeds emergence encode encoded encodes encoding enforcement enormously entrant entrants enzyme enzymes epidemic epidemics epidemiology equilibrium equivalence equivalences erase erased erases erasing esthetic esthetics estimation estimations evolutionary execution executions exes expertises explicitly exponential exponentials

facet faceted faceting facets factorial factorials fatigue fatigued fatigues fatiguing fertility fetal fevered fiber fibers fin fins fleshed fleshing flip flipped flipping flips flux fluxed fluxes fluxing foetal footnote footnoted footnotes fora formulation formulations forum forums fossil fossils fracture fractured fractures fracturing fringed fringing fungi fungus fusion fusions

gage gaged gages gaging gauge gauged gauges gauging generalisation generalisations generalise generalised generalises generalising genetically ghosted ghosting globalisation gradient gradients graphed graphing gravities gravity grid grids grossed grosses grossing gut gutted gutting

halfway harvested harvesting hawk hawked hawking hawks headquarter headquartered headquartering hedged hedging helices helix helixes hepatitis herbicide herbicides hipped horizontals hormone hormones hydrogen

ideologies ideology incidence incidences incline inclines inclining incumbent incumbents indigenous induce induced induces inducing induction industrialisation industrialise industrialised industrialises industrialising industrialize industrializes industrializing inference inferences infinities infinity inhibit inhibited inhibiting inhibits initiation initiations inject injected injecting injects instabilities instability integrals interface interfaced interfaces interfacing intermediated intermediates interviewer interviewers inversion inversions invert inverted inverting inverts ion ions irrelevant irrigation

jazzed jazzes jazzing

lateral laterals leafed leafing legitimated legitimates legitimating lever levered levering levers lexical limb limbed limbs linear linguistics liter loci locus locuses longitudinal loop looped looping loops lumped lumping

magnetics magnitude magnitudes manipulate manipulated manipulates manipulating manipulation manipulations manuscript manuscripts marble marbled marbles marker markers marrow maternal matrices matrix matrixes maximise maximised maximises maximising mediate mediated mediates mediating membrane membranes memorise memorised memorises memorising memorize memorized memorizes memorizing mentor mentored mentoring mentors mercury messenger messengers metabolism methodologies methodology micro mid migrate migrated migrates migrating millimeter minimals minimise minimised minimises minimising minuses mobility mole molecular moleculars molecule molecules moles momenta monkeyed monkeying morality morphological morphologies morphology motif motifs multi multinational multinationals mutation mutations

nationalism neo neural neurals neuron neurone neurones neurons neutrals niche niches nitrogen nitrogens nobles node nodes nominal nonlinear notation notations novice novices nuclei nucleus null nulled nulling nulls numerical numericals nutrient nutrients

obscure obscured obscures obscuring onset optical opticals optimal optimals optimum orals organism organisms orient oriented orienting orients oscillation oscillations overhead overheads oxidise oxidised oxidises oxidising oxidize oxidized oxidizes oxidizing

par parameter parameters parceled parceling parcelled parcelling pardoned pardoning pardons parental parentheses parenthesis parred parring pars partition partitioned partitioning partitions pathway pathways periodic periodics peripheral peripherals pest pesticide pesticides pests phonological phosphate phosphates photographic photographics physician physicians physiological pi planner planners polar poled poling portfolio portfolios postgraduate postgraduates potassium powdered powdering pragmatics pre precipitate precipitated precipitates precipitating precipitation prejudicing preliminaries prevalence preyed preying primer primers primitives probe probed probes probing processor processors propositioned propositioning protocol protocols proton protons psychiatric psychiatrics pulsed pulsing

qualitative quantitative quantum quizzed quizzing

rack racked racking racks radar radars radii radius randomise randomised randomises randomising randomize randomized randomizes randomizing rationality reactive reactor reactors realism receptor receptors regression rehabilitation repertoire repertoires replicate replicated replicates replicating replication replications reservoir reservoirs residual residuals residue residues resistant respiratory revolutionaries rhetoric roped roping rotate rotated rotates rotating rotation rotations rubbings

scatter scattering scatterings scatters scripture scriptures secrete secreted secretes secreting sediment sedimented sedimenting sediments semantic semantics semester semesters semi sensory sexualities sexuality shallows shuttled shuttling simulate simulated simulates simulating sinned sinning slab slabs slashed slashing slotted slotting snaked snaking sodium soluble solubles solute solutes solvent solvents sometime sophisticate sophisticates spanned spanning spans spatial specialty spectra sperm sperms splice spliced splices splicing spontaneous stabilise stabilised stabilises stabilising stabilize stabilized stabilizes stabilizing stack stacked stacking stacks stanced stancing standardise standardised standardises standardising standardize standardized standardizes standardizing static statics statistically stereotyped stereotyping stranding sub subbed subbing subs subset subsets substrate substrates subtract subtracted subtracting subtracts super surgical susceptible sustainables syllabled syndrome syndromes syntactic syntactics syntax syntheses synthesis synthetic

tech temporal tensed tensing terminologies terminology theorem theorems theorist theorists thermal thermals thumbed thumbing tract tracts trajectories trajectory trans transcribe transcribed transcribes transcribing transcription transcriptions transparencies transparency transplanted transplanting tumor tumors tumour tumours tutored tutoring

undergraduate undergraduates unified unifies unify unifying unintelligible unstable uplift uplifted uplifting uplifts urine utilise utilised utilises utilising utilities utility utilize utilized utilizes utilizing utterance utterances

valve valved valves variabilities variability variance variances variant variants vector vectors veined veining velocities velocity verticals volition watershed weave weaved weaves weaving wove woven yeast

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