C1 list 2

This is the second half of the C1 list of English Grammar.

C1 negation

C1 nouns

C1 passives

C1 past

Politeness or indirectness can be expressed with C1 past simple.

  • I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a little experiment.

At C1, English users can order events in complex ways using a non-finite clause + past simple.

Auxilliary ‘did’ can be used for emphasis and so can correlative conjunctions with past simple inversion.

  • We can confirm this incident did occur.
  • Not only did this affect his reputation with the fans, but also hurt his relations with the other drivers.

Inversion of past perfect ‘had’ for imagined situations is also found in C1 grammar.

  • It would have been much easier had he lived on another planet.

Although it might be more a vocabulary point than one about grammar.  At C1, a wider range of verbs can be used with structures that lower levels can also use.  For example past simple questions and present perfect negative statements.

C1 prepositions

C1 present

C1 pronouns

some of which | many of whom

C1 questions

C1 verbs