alternative question (ellipsis)

alternative question (ellipsis)

The C2 Point 34 in the category of QUESTIONS is defined as:

alternative questions with two or more clauses and ellipsis in the second or third clause.

*However, if the ellipsis is of a verb after a Modal it is actually only listed at C1.  Considering how odd this complexity is and how difficult it is to find any more information than we could in the C1 post.  We will not attempt to include any more data here from iWeb.

We did an advanced TED corpus search for: or {v} * ?

And then manually picked out the following examples with no modal verbs in them:

  1. Do you host the event and get criticized by some, or refuse and get criticized by others?
  2.  Before he wakes up, do you place him in restraints, alert hospital security or call 911?
  3.  Is it better to stay at home or go back to work?

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