Children’s grammar?

We love testing the grammar profiler app against all types of texts.  The following comes from an 8-year-old in grade 3 in an Australian primary school.  She was asked to write a paragraph about anything.  The CLAWS7 tagger had a problem marking the part of speech for a few words since they are new.  And also there was no grammar highlighting for what we believe to be C2 English language in the topic sentence.  The other thing to note is that this is a second draft after sentence order, and clause ordering feedback.

” Popits ” are ” fidget ” toys that can come in any colour, shape or size.  They have round bumps or rubber bubbles on them.  This is how they work.  Press down on one and it will go down.  When you have popped one whole side of bubbles, flip it over and start again.

Kids are cool!!!