WE | US (people in general)

B2 point 90 in the category of PRONOUNS / generic is defined as:

‘we’ and ‘us’ to refer to people in general.

This is a point that requires manual searching in the corpora for the ‘usage’ definition to be met.  A search for we|us in iWeb is not possible because they are such common words. The complexity checker cannot do anything with this point either.

PELIC contains 25,000+ instances of either of them.  There are many examples in the first 200 hundred texts that meet the usage criteria for B2 complexity with ‘we’ in the general sense, but only two examples of ‘us’.  Here are a few examples:



In my country, we usually don’t use tea bags. First, we boil the water, then we put some of the hot water at the top. We add the tea at the top. We wait like 20 minutes with low heat for it to be ready. At last, we first poor the water with tea, then we add some pure hot water in it.



As the result of his history, we know how he became a doctor.



It helps us to create general ideas of this world.



I’ll tell you [about] raising a child. When we were a child [children] we need[ed] several things. It can be [They could] help us to be  [have] successful life [lives].

*Note the text above does not seem like a B2 student because of the number of errors, which is a B1 characteristic.






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