there it remains

1   mavirus and CroV, the virophage integrates into the host cell genome. There it remains silent; the cells survive, and no virophage particles are produced. Such cells
2   Measure, once a living becomes the property of the Board of Patronage there it remains for ever; and I submit to your Lordships that to allow a door to
3   DNA plasmid is deposited into the cytoplasm and traffics to the nucleus. There it remains dormant unless the cell has transcription factors active that will bind to our promoter.
4   . Murder was in her eyes when her life was ended, and there it remains. And maybe that’s why I hesitate, studying the stone rancher, the
5   game is obviously going to be compared to the other kart racers out there it remains a very good game in its own right. Despite the lack of originality in
6   wearing another species coloring for nearly a quarter of a century. # There it remains, and that’s the honest truth of it, even if this is a big
7   into the dark, swaying woods of Elkkle’s thoughtfully sparse instrumentation. There it remains, holding your rapt attention until it unfolds into a climactic chorus that shines through
8   Players moved into the La Sierra Community Center in April 1985. And there it remains today, enjoying a good relationship and continuing contract renewals with its landlord, the
9   then sent home once the Psychiatrist realizes this was a tragic mistatke. There it remains in my records!! I plan to send a summary to ACLU, requesting
10   allow movement of imported images; once the image is in place, there it remains. There’s no spell check for text or way to insert text in different
11   a cruel twist of fate, the letter slides beneath the mat and there it remains – unread. Tess and Angel’s marriage is marred by i’ll – omen.
12   . Internal resources retrieve it but don’t delete the file, so there it remains. An automated scanning host on the Internet picks up that SSH is open and
13   the oxen’s plough, as they returned to the lake. And there it remains to this day, as a testimony of the truth of this tale.
14   release in early 2012, and although there are now longer super-zooms out there it remains an impressively long reach with which few models, present company excepted, can compete
15   marketplace utility. The conversation has long tottered over this line, and there it remains stalled. # But perhaps its time finally to advance past the stale juxtaposition of
16   then throws for another successful two-point conversion with 4:15 remaining. 34-28. There it remains, until the Irish get the ball for a final chance. With the clock
17   and then really picks up. That is true… but sadly from there it remains terribly uneven. I like the fact that I was often reminded of a sort
18   placed Africa at the center of the African American cultural landscape, and there it remains today. They did so by invoking Africa as a source of history as well
19   pocket of the coach, where I had placed it for safety; there it remains, there it must remain; and now, I am absolutely destitute. #
20   When the RNA of a retrovirus translates itself back into the DNA ” there it remains, moving forward as an endogenous retrovirus (ERV). If that infected cell
21   , could not be cleansed or wiped away by any means, but there it remains indelibly on the pavement of the house up to our times. # The holy
22   because I got the bright idea to make it in linen stitch. There it remains unfinished on the needles, just a few rows into it. I continue to
23   vision, which is carved in stone, can not be ruined. There it remains. Let those who study and devise their twisting way plot. Plan, scheme
24   natural rate has hovered around 6 percent for a few decades, and there it remains (see the figure ” Job Flows and Unemployment Rate “). # How
25   are no leaks. # Look at the drain system and make sure there it remains unobstructed. Periodic maintenance # In addition to the daily and monthly boiler maintenance
26   , feelings, actions, images, pictures, sounds, etc and there it remains in present-sense eternally (unless we destroy it), adding to and expanding the
27   While oysters are famously immobile? once an oyster finds its rock, there it remains? they do have a powerful muscle that opens and shuts its gnarly shell.
28   my wallet next to my driver’s license and my bank card and there it remains as an addition to my arsenal of proven accomplishments. My OSHA 10-Hour training card
29   , forming an anal plug as much as one foot long. And there it remains until spring, when the bear emerges and finally gets some relief. Comments
30   The plica semilunaris plays absolutely no role whatsoever in your life, yet there it remains, stubbornly emerging from the genes of every human being. 1 Wisdom Teeth
31   think it’ll make your life a little easier, ” she offers-and there it remains, below her moderately lined eyelids, below her wide, bright mouth. #
32   the U.S. economy. In 1928, 20 increased to 30, and there it remains today. # You might be losing money every day Every investor is hard-wired to
33   provinces before it is finally finding its way into the Austrian Empire. There it remains rather quietly, only slowly recovering during the 19th century from the French and Bavarian
34   ? as it were, into the universal life-ether permeating space. And there it remains? in the universal life-ether. What was retained at the beginning for a few
35   380 and the flue is closed and the door is tightly closed. there it remains for 12-14 hours. that being said, this gets into how you heat your
36   store the information to play it in you brain and spinal cord and there it remains, it can become adapted with very little skill to other instruments and only requires
38 (1)   inactive status in the cells of the nerves of the body. There it remains dormant and will wait for favorable conditions. These favorable conditions normally include weakened immunity
39   his jacket home to South Africa after the’ 62 Masters, and there it remains. # ” I assumed it was mine, ” Player said. ” I
40   . # In 1931 the Victoria & Albert Museum bought it, and there it remains. Go and see it! But try try try not get in you may
41   cocoon ” around the fish. Its metabolic rate also decreases drastically. There it remains, completely motionless, until the rains return. This state is known as aestivation
42   headway naughtily enters your subconscious. # However, there it enters and there it remains, until the seemingly endless stream of cars ahead of you finally quit rubbernecking a
43   September 2015, it was the eighth longest-running show in Broadway history. There it remains, ahead of Wicked and Beauty and the Beast. Mamma Mia! also holds
44   from the Golgi to the cell surface in an exocytic vesicle. – Once there it remains GPI-anchored to the exoplasmic (outside) surface of the plasma membrane. # how
45   and attaches itself using anal pad (cremaster) to the substrate. There it remains during a quiescent prepupal stage of several hours until it moults once again, this
46   at between 320nm to 400nm with transmission at 66 percent, and from there it remains above 60 percent well into the infrared. Furthermore, this lens has become the
47   the Receipt, the latter being lessened and the former increased; and there it remains, as long as the Globe continues to supply fresh Electrical Matter. This will
49 (1)   – climbing to the top of trees in search of insects. There it remains until dawn when it changes its song and jumps down nesting until the evening.
50   to the left hand, where it could do less harm, and there it remains today. # Sheldon and I would rather see the front brake on the right
51   The tag was still firmly attached to the armadillo’s ass. And there it remains. # If that is not the weirdest way anyone has ever chipped a tooth
52   at any time the creator can place the photo in public domain and there it remains. # For family history purposes most photos, no matter the source, can
53   , I was kind of really happy with where it was. So there it remains! # What type of vinyl should I use to stencil on wood like your
54   me till now. And even now with all these amazing games out there it remains to be my #1 favorite game for the fun I had playing it as a
55   framed and hung in the office of the Secretary of the League and there it remains to this day, a sobering influence on every visitor to League Headquarters who has
56   civilian. # Police shootings provoke anger among the black community ” and there it remains. This is because black political and religious leaders usually persuade citizens to limit their
58 (1)   began with The Geese & The Ghost and Wind & Wuthering and there it remains to this day! # Every Day opens the album, a dramatic and emotional
59   arboreal – climbing to the top of trees in search of insects. There it remains until dawn when it changes its song and jumps down nesting until the evening.
63 (3)   there is power and where it flourishes, there it is and there it remains because God has ordained it – Martin Luther (Vorlesung uber den Romerbrief) The
64   return home before the signing. A friend affixed his name, and there it remains: one more testament to love of country and to character and intel?
65   tractor, which is considered ” highly important to a museum. So there it remains, in a display case, with the tractor. # ” Two young fellows
66   the bill but to leave it in its list of government business. There it remains. # The money available to the office is nowhere near enough to enable it
67   and a center ground party so even if the illusion of choice is there it remains that; an illusion and the conservatism of the Irish electorate continues. # Here
68   and editor Daniel Barkley can figure out what to do with it. There it remains in suspended animation, a digitally decaying shrine to the creative outputs of Barkley and
69   and told us they are protecting and developing the Canadian North. But there it remains, undeveloped. We are told the books will balance, and they rarely ever