abstract concepts 2856

STUDENT EXAMPLE: The professor tries to explain the abstract concept of freedom. PELIC Arabic male level 5 writing class The plural form is more common in iWeb corpus: 1 ABSTRACT CONCEPTS 2856 2 ABSTRACT CONCEPT 1883 further collocates in iWeb: 1 CONCEPTS 2978 2 AN 1170 3 SUCH 302 4 UNDERSTAND 183 5 CONCRETE 149 6 RATHER 102 7 UNDERSTANDING 101 8 ABILITY 74 …

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-AL adjective suffix

Compared to looking at the -able suffix endings which were very advanced vocabulary.  We mean beyond what most general English classes would need to learn.  The ‘-al’ suffixes are all around the B levels or intermediate.  Therefore this list is a good list of adjectives for students to learn that are around intermediate. We found …

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