Can we omit the subject after the conjunction ‘SO’?

There are 300 examples in the iWeb corpus of ‘, so needs‘. Below we list 100 examples:

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1 partly because a musical has to create momentum over a much longer duration , so needs a wider expressive range to work with. But I’m guessing that the audience
2 critical to the operation of any electronic circuit, the heart in fact , so needs to be engineered accordingly… # Careful wiring can reduce the amount of switching noise
3 (Still has a shoe that clips ever so slightly in certain poses , so needs further tweaking before sharing.) # Fantastic tutorial. I’m just now begining
4 target. # The author is claiming 1cm accuracy, at least vertically , so needs a method of aligning the laser in <1/100th of a degree increments, and keeping 5 the table. The exception is sweet corn, which is wind pollinated , so needs to be planted in a square block of say six-by-six plants to get the best
6 after year. # Magnolia + soulangeana’ Alba Superba’ flowers early , so needs a position well away from frosts if possible. It isn’t a harsh white
7 now incompatible, as they couldn’t even manage using their re-programming device , so needs a new compatible alarm unit. Cost me 60 for their time! # I
8 , it can also display a level of insecurity and lack of self-assurance , so needs to be worn with confidence. # There is much confusion about when to use
9 , it stays much cleaner. Normal-common-American waxed cotton is more coarsely woven , so needs a heavier coating of wax. The extra wax on the coarse fabric isn’t
10 player in the Lusthog games series (threadID=1210021) can no longer play , so needs replacing. If anyone would like to volunteer to replace him, or would like
11 he likes your door and is planning on buying one like it himself , so needs a pic to take shopping? # Maybe because you don’t have a number
12 season with the kids. Sean father has a bed & breakfast , so needs to be in the house a lot of the time. Preparing breakfast, cleaning
13 a little longer, but after 15 minutes or so can scorch rapidly , so needs careful watching by the minute, which with a glass oven door, is of
14 6586632 # –plugin is a parameter to paster , so needs to come before the CKAN command. To do this, the first parameter to
15 the plugin parameter.. # Meanwhile, –config is a parameter to CKAN , so needs to come after the CKAN command. This specifies the CKAN config file for the
16 TV aerial feed The BT Vision box gets its digital TV signals over-the-air , so needs a TV aerial. This needs to be connected to the aerial input socket on
17 . Takes up less space than other kiwi species. Does not tendril , so needs to be attached to a support. Will grow in shade. Zones 4-9.
18 The Dice still jumps huge, but its faster and with more depower , so needs a more tuned-in pilot. SUMMARY # The Dice is still a Dice,
19 purchased after Redemption. Provides a massive shield but decays quickly over time , so needs to be used the second before massive damage, or to save someone about to
20 buyers then that means a car with that many owners has less interest , so needs to be at a lower price to entice someone to buy it. # From
21 Belonging to the terrier dog group, he is energetic with incredible stamina , so needs plenty of exercise. # His short-haired coat is easy to groom. # He
22 it also helpful but not necessary. It won’t work over night , so needs to be taken regularly but it should do the trick to keep it from building
23 within minutes then it is obviously far too high hormone concentrate to inject , so needs diluting. if you have gear that is 50mg/ml above what it will hold at,
24 control her by access to resources. Problem is, he wants stuff , so needs to give her resources to get said stuff. Next thing he knows, she
25 the stop payment order doesn’t last forever, as I understand it , so needs to be renewed. # Otherwise, ever been to Small Claims court? I
26 with it. Also nothing like as good as he thinks he is , so needs to work on his game, which he doesn’t do enough of. It
27 them by accident. The 40-pin IC holder provides clearance for the crystal , so needs to be installed, but alternatively the crystal might also fit on the other side
28 915. It’s trapped in the car once the transmission is installed , so needs to be exchanged prior to engine install. # Regards # Hayden # ckissick #
29 for some reason the axis title gets overwritten when the template is applied , so needs to be manually restored. But that’s easier than individually fixing every chart series
30 errors first is good practice. # ah it doesn’t like tab , so needs to be spaces. got you. thanks for looking into it though, muchly
31 But usually the seller isn’t aware of how desperate the buyer is , so needs to set an initial price somewhat higher than what they would actually accept. And
32 for Kids # Considering the average human life span is 70 plus years , so needs to be the lifespan of our teeth! – With Dental Health Month looming,
33 tube that’s part of the bottle moulding, and it can’t be avoided , so needs to be retouched out. And the same applies to those large ugly streaks of
34 changes to code behaviour since the lock does not persist over power loss , so needs to be taken by the user container at startup. For more information check out
35 method is best done using no molding around the outside of the glass , so needs to be higher than the rabbet bead method. 1 ” – 1 1/2 ”
36 ) the UKs National Grid does not have the technology to store energy- , so needs to be used as it is produced; therefore if you are not in the
37 Darrems routine. He needs to burn off any excess fat before competing , so needs to build cardiovascular fitness during the competition preparation stages. # One of his favorite
38 # Launch is simple, it will overshoot a little if allowed to , so needs a check brake, and it drops back from 50 degrees in a slow manner
39 designed as a flight instrument! difficult to see the screen in sunlight , so needs to be on the brightest setting. screen does not operate unless you have e-tip
40 Advanced wing also surges as it comes up and shoots past the pilot , so needs the most input to reign it in. – # Groundhandling # The First wing responds
41 (X) lock # Process 61s UPDATE statement needs to modify col2 , so needs an exclusive lock on necessary rows or pages in the non-clustered index, but can
42 needs to access col3, which is not included in the non-clustered index , so needs to perform a bookmark lookup on the clustered index, for which it needs a
43 It’s now on a 15V 1.5A supply, and is absolutely deafening , so needs some kind of volume control. Am I right in thinking I need to add
44 gravity balls. Using this skill is quite a gamble on mobile bosses , so needs correct timing after you finish a rotation. # Gravity Mastery (Awakening Passive)
45 , I find ” pressbadge.xml ” but that just doesn’t sound impressive , so needs to be replaced.) # Annette quest started. It’s being split into
46 later. Minxie – The thing with this is that it pulls on , so needs to stretch (I’m wearing it now actually!!) but it could
47 , especially for its small size, and go after much bigger dogs , so needs to be protected. While Pugs are very laid back and playful, Chihuahuas are
48 # Must have Financial/Professional services experience # This role is very client facing , so needs someone who is good at relationships and will do plenty of client admin prior to
49 not too bad. # The pistol is really designed for under 10s , so needs ot be looked at in that aspect. The secondary safety trigger on the grip
50 and small-volume printing. Its largest ribbon can produce up to 100 cards , so needs to be changed often for larger print jobs. ZXP1 does feature a large 100
51 take advantage of his local knowledge. He’s not a great sprinter , so needs to attack before the very end. # Warren Barguil ” this is his first
52 directly adjacent to Kings Place. # Crinan Street is a one-way street , so needs to be accessed via Wharfdale Road (see map). The main entrance to
53 adjustable. Spike at the top can get pushed in when in transit , so needs pulling out (only on one pole, other was fine). When we
55 (1) . A truly stunning dress, which unfortunately won’t be worn , so needs to go to someone who will appreciate such a beautiful gown x
56 cliffs, where it can even fly backwards. Can not stand upright , so needs to launch itself from a high ledge or patters along surface of sea to become
57 right fit, though the rest of the jacket runs true to size , so needs some adjustments. Mine came missing a button, but WPG made good and sent
58 use the Edge ota on the SE mount – it’s under mounted , so needs a little care to use. The AVX is a much better match. #
59 something left over that you can happily spend. – Money is like energy , so needs to move around. – Sometimes you have to spend money to make more. #
60 to prevent the pole chafing on the transom but this did work loose , so needs more thought. In real life, you’ll have no qualms about using anything
61 debts previously written off # This reverses the bad debt written off almost , so needs to account for gst recollected, accounts receivable previously written off, as well as
62 ‘s hardly moving relative to yours, hardly changes from frame to frame , so needs very little compression (I understand many compression systems work by comparing the current frame
63 reach for your socks – Raynaud’s is linked to several autoimmune conditions , so needs to be checked out.
64 ) Mackerel & Lentil Salad # Smoked mackerel is rich and salty , so needs the freshness of apple, cucumber and apple cider vinegar to counterbalance it. Here
65 is just as critical and hard on himself as he is with others , so needs tolerance and kindness. Which means containing myself long enough for the fighting instinct to
66 ) and it can get very woody by the end of the summer , so needs to be pruned back quite severely. I have been successful in getting cuttings to
67 back of the neck which is not attached at the bottom and floats , so needs adjusting, it tends to ride up and bunch, then looks most odd.
68 role will primarily be focused on long-term planning for globally leading beauty brands , so needs someone with a rigorous approach to strategy * Closely aligned with the Senior Management Team
69 cheap tests are to block the EGR (may cause an error code , so needs a scanner, but will give diagnostic info if the valve is sticking),
70 law firm is a business in a competitive landscape just like any other , so needs to think commercially marketing and business development is a huge piece of that, of
71 kitten’s food). Tinned food goes off quickly in the bowl , so needs to be given as separate meals throughout the day. Kittens aged eight to 12
72 than the male. This is because the smaller male incubates the eggs , so needs to be inconspicuous to avoid predators. # The red-necked phalarope is the smallest of
73 , it will have an impact on the wear of the valve train , so needs to be addressed. # Okay, I’ve been through one dealer who ”
74 is one aspect of the UK Economy which is not performing to target , so needs to be viewed carefully. If you are- buying Euros, you may find a
75 tray to put your dentures or retainers into. Although it is mains-powered , so needs to be plugged in to a wall socket. Some people have reported being surprised
76 wake. This requires access to the mutex used to protect the queue , so needs to be implemented as a member function of concurrentqueue: # There are three important
77 my seat, the driver’s RH side bolster is damaged and torn , so needs replacing. # After removing the seat from the car place it on a smooth
78 is beautiful. Only downside is water does sit on the flat top , so needs to be wiped down regularly. # Date published: 2017-05-25 # Rated 5 out
79 liquid soil wetter – the soil in my garden is non wetting sand , so needs regular applications. The bottle is easy to use, & although I thought at
80 Aviation capacity is a supply side issue that can constrain growth in tourism , so needs to be monitored. It is not a measure of socioeconomic outcomes in its own
81 start but he is one of the very few with a R12 bye , so needs consideration. You probably want one of him or Rance before the byes. Rance
82 81963100 3463100/ # The skin around our eyes is extremely delicate , so needs a separate product from the rest of our face. From wrinkles to dark circles
83 Yes, yes, yes, Ryan. This is something that so , so needs to be clarified. A lot of entrepreneurs do want to go into a market
84 to be suited to a paint finish, lounge is brand new Gib , so needs to be # We have a very small bathroom with a bath and vanity unit
85 that the vocalist is hopefully pouring their heart and soul into your recording , so needs to feel as comfortable as possible. ”
86 voyage for Aus$1,560. This ship has just one double-bed cabin for passengers , so needs to be booked months ahead. # Incidentally, don’t bother trying to island
87 a garden gate and will extend out of the ground for 8 feet , so needs to be very securely embedded. # Any ideas not involving explosives would be gratefully
88 provider is exchanging an extremely valuable asset for very little capital in return , so needs to ensure it protects itself. That is why pro-forma damage invoices are put in
89 cast iron Power-glide out of a 60 Impala… was running but smokey , so needs a refresh if not complete rebuild. My questions are- what headaches am I likely
90 Hole.cr2 in it, and a hinged door which opens. Its old , so needs re-texuring, but you may find it your runtime if you have a decade-old collection
91 to talk Spring time essentials. # She’s constantly on the go , so needs a wardrobe that feels seamless and transitions easily throughout the day. In the morning
92 Yes, yes, yes, Ryan. This is something that so , so needs to be clarified. A lot of entrepreneurs do want to go into a market
93 same ” intensity ” for instance, watermelon is quite a strong colour , so needs another strong colour to wear with it. Watermelon, therefore, is one of
94 , an equals sign and the new text. That is a string , so needs to be in double quotes. Like this: # Not sure when you see
95 childbirth. It can develop in a few hours and can be life-threatening , so needs urgent treatment. # There are many symptoms that may occur. Your mood may
96 is an ideal hedging plant for many reasons. It is slow growing , so needs little maintenance, its dense form and prickly leaves are a good intruder deterrent,
97 (SNP, Con, Lab, LibDem, UKIP, Green) , so needs special handling. So the model allows all six parties to move dynamically, as
98 dealt with anyway. It also takes up endless hours of internet-sleuthing time , so needs to be debunked so we can move on. I’m glad someone took the
99 weather. The solar panel quickly works loose on its ball & socket , so needs to be glued in place, as it is not possible to screw it up
100 , he’s driven a Mini Clubman, but has a toddler now , so needs more space. The Velar is great here, with ample leg and headroom even

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