off topic diary 1 – storing energy


They all relate to storing energy from the sun and clouds, in batteries, containers and food.  In my opinion, the best place to store water is  in the vegetables that you will eat.  Food such as cucumbers and tomatos are mostly water and I am guessing eating enough of them a day you could go without water for some time.

1. getting algae to stop growing in my water tank.

This includes trying to keep larger bits off my roof from getting in.  The dam gum tree near my house drives me crazy.  The water always come down looking brown.  And this full of nutrients for Algae.  The other thing is the sunlight getting in…

2. learning about concrete / making containers such as bottles opaque.

3. 12v DC appliances, batteries running off my solar

This includes reusing older batteries that are not suitable for my ebike anymore.

I have a kettle, solar pump, and fan all running on 12v dc and can directly run off my extra panels.

distilling water from these to get the impurities out.

Alternative methods such as passive solar stills.

growing vegetables

This includes problems with turkeys and possums, and other pests.


These are my many projects that overlap and take up lots of my time these days.  I have had a rest from researching grammar for a couple of days.

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