ALWAYS + past simple

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 25 in the category of PAST simple  is defined as: habitual states or actions. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: They always went back late. Chinese male, level 3, writing class. EXPERT EXAMPLE: He would take me with him on his jobs and say, ” Come on Jo, let’s go do something to make this world a better place.”  His hands were wide and calloused, and they always reminded me of displaced tree roots. TED Both examples in the EGP follow the pattern ‘always + past simple verb’ An iWeb search …

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DIRECT SPEECH (initial or end position)

The following two B1 points are only different in the order. Point 4 in REPORTED SPEECH is defined as: DIRECT SPEECH, REPORTING CLAUSE, INITIAL POSITION: report speech and thought directly, using the reporting verb before the reporting clause Point 9 is END POSITION: report speech and thought directly using the reporting verb after the reporting …

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