‘would rather’ | ‘it’s time’ + PAST TENSE CLAUSE

Here we look at examples of using ‘the past tense’ in a way that is not referring to past time.  In these EXPERT EXAMPLES: It’s time we started to think about the environment and a little bit less about money. Isle of Man Newspapers As an environmentalist, we would rather that didn’t happen. TED ‘the past tense’ expresses a wish that is distanced from the real situation. In reality, they are not thinking …

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That’s + adjective !

Point 38 in PRONOUNS/demonstratives is defined: RESPONSE TOKENS WITH ‘that’s’ + adjective to respond to something However, the EGP examples do not always contain an adjective: That’s great! That’s a pity! That’s a good idea! FOR EXAMPLE: Do you always go to the same place? Oh, that’s awesome! An iWeb search for: That _VBZ * ! 1 THAT ‘S IT ! 12397 2 THAT ‘S RIGHT ! …

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present simple passive affirmative (range)

Here are two grammar points from the English Grammar Profile. A2 point 3 in the category of PASSIVES: present simple passive affirmative with a singular subject. B1 point 13 in the category of PASSIVES is defined as: PRESENT SIMPLE, AFFIRMATIVE with a range of pronoun and noun subjects. For example: The proposed mission is called the Uranus Orbiter and Probe and would shed some light on the mostly unexplored ice giant. …

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There are 4 ways that ‘that’s‘ can be used grammatically. 1 THAT (DD1) ‘S (VBZ) 2910658 Yeah, that‘s right. listen 6 THAT (CST) ‘S (VBZ) 46519 8 THAT (DD1) ‘S (VHZ) 15994 9 THAT (CST) ‘S (VHZ) 12804

What does ‘s mean?

‘s firstly following proper noun as a possessive marker, or contracted ‘is‘. Then it could be ‘has‘ or the second part of a modal: ‘Let‘s go!’ 1 ‘S (GE) 36030994 genetive 2 ‘S (VBZ) 24517319 is 5 ‘S (VHZ) 1063909 has 7 ‘S (VM22) 864498 ‘let’s not’ is B2 If we look at large Ngrams …

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Gerunds (verbING)

Here’s a student example of using a verb-ing form as a noun subject: Studying for an exam won’t be hard for you if you follow these steps. PELIC: Chinese male level 3 writing class. Here’s an example in educational materials of the news: Closing the gas pipeline is one action Western nations have taken against Russia. BreakingNewsEnglish Here’s an example of verb-ing after ‘to’: The find goes a long way to solving the mystery of why the Stonehenge bluestones were brought from so far away  when all other stone circles were erected within a short distance of their quarries. thebritishacademy.ac.uk In the English Grammar Profile, point 22 in NOUNS …

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