past continuous negative

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 39 in the category of PAST is simply defined as: past continuous NEGATIVE TLC STUDENT SPEAKING TEST example: (discussing saving money as a child) I was saving. I was not eating chocolates. I was just spending my money on my studies. male India B1 An iWeb search: _VBD _XX _VVG 1 WASN’T GOING 29202 2 WAS NOT GOING 16267 3 …

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past continuous + adverb (range)

This is another grammar point where the English Vocabulary Profile is probably better at profiling the language than the English Grammar Profile.  There are a handful of adverbs that already make the task across levels quite difficult to follow.  We then should consider the hundred other adverbs that appear in this ‘mid position’. A2 point …

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was | were being + PAST PARTICIPLE

Here’s an example of past continuous affirmative passive. He was being used. listen B2 English Grammar point 16 in PASSIVES is defined as: PAST CONTINUOUS AFFIRMATIVE A search in iWeb for: _vbd being _vvn B1 Vocabulary found in the first 50 most common Ngrams includes: attacked, considered, developed, filmed and interviewed. USED, HELD, MADE, TAKEN are the …

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