When you ‘listen’ to someone speaking in a conversation, you can respond with short phrases that add to the conversation. These utterances carry information and sometimes a single word like an adverb is all you might say. C2 point 224 in the category of MODALITY/adverbs is defined: adverbs expressing certainty as short responses Here is …

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absolutely | undoubtedly | undeniably

Point 64 in ADVERBS/modifiers is defined as: a wide range of adverbs to indicate degrees of certainty. We can find in the EGP examples: absolutely|undoubtedly|undeniably Rank in iWeb: 1 ABSOLUTELY 1027853 2 UNDOUBTEDLY 129901 3 UNDENIABLY 24956  * * absolutely|undoubtedly|undeniably * * 1 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS 3596 Now I don’t know if this is the devil or the angel sitting on our conscience, sitting on television‘s shoulders, but I do know that I absolutely love this image. …

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‘must’ + modal adverbs

These are the 12 adverbs I would teach with “must” to advanced students: correctly, either, generally, somehow, therefore, constantly, currently, necessarily, simply, successfully, surely, satisfactorily, ultimately.