had been + VERBing

Point 27 in the category of PAST is defined as: past perfect continuous: an action or event which began before a point in the past and was still continuing up to that point, often with ‘for’ or ‘since’, to give background information. Point 32 in the PAST is defined as: past perfect continuous: background action …

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preposition (wide range)

Point 8 in the category of prepositions is defined as a wide range of simple (single word) prepositions. *Note this first search on iWeb is not only for instances as a preposition: above|along|according|because|beside|but|despite|off| onto|regarding|towards|through|underneath|via|within 1 BUT 52015729 2 BECAUSE 13807430 3 THROUGH 12732122 4 OFF 9025030 5 WITHIN 5473926 6 ALONG 3835546 7 ABOVE 3640611 …

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indefinite pronoun (object or compliment)

Point 33 in PRONOUNS is defined as: an increasing range of indefinite pronouns as objects or complements of prepositions. In the EGP examples we have: An iWeb search for _V someone|everyone|somebody|everybody 1 FIND SOMEONE 45253 2 KNOW SOMEONE 30854 3 SEE SOMEONE 25775 4 NEED SOMEONE 22836 5 GET SOMEONE 19451 6 THINK EVERYONE 16489 …

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