verb + object + clause

Point 12 in the category of VERBS/patterns is defined: verbs, typically reporting verbs, followed by a noun or pronoun as the indirect object and a clause with or without ‘that’, as the direct object. *Note some of our search results are not indirect objects.  However, the A2 complexity is still there with relative clauses. _VV …

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Here are two A2 English Grammar Profile points in different categories. Point 39 in the category of CLAUSES is defined: affirmative imperative with the base form of a main verb Point 7 in NEGATION:  negative imperatives of main verbs with ‘don’t’ + main verb. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: Include every ingredient for every recipe on your grocery list. Then, take your list to the refrigerator or cupboard and check off the items you have on hand. After, prepare unique food for your guests. Keep it simple. Turkish female level …

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indefinite pronoun (object or compliment)

Point 33 in PRONOUNS is defined as: an increasing range of indefinite pronouns as objects or complements of prepositions. In the EGP examples we have: An iWeb search for _V someone|everyone|somebody|everybody 1 FIND SOMEONE 45253 2 KNOW SOMEONE 30854 3 SEE SOMEONE 25775 4 NEED SOMEONE 22836 5 GET SOMEONE 19451 6 THINK EVERYONE 16489 …

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