wide range of stance adverbs

In the English Grammar Profile, C1 point 62 in ADVERBS/modifiers is defined: (simply, truly, surely, apparently, naturally, surprisingly, inevitably, literally, exceptionally, frankly, clearly, amazingly, wisely, admittedly) to indicate an attitude or viewpoint, often in clause initial position. For example: She simply wrote down what was happening to her and her family about her confinement, and in doing so,  we have a very intimate record of this family during one of the worst periods of our world‘s history. TED This grammar point is also related to ‘comment adverbials‘ and is often more …

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theoretically surprisingly supposedly apparently + VERB

Point 69 in the category of ADVERBS/position is defined as: adverbs in mid-position, to distance the writer from what they are saying. Point 68 is the same but ‘mid clause‘ The EGP examples are included in our iWeb search: theoretically|surprisingly|supposedly|apparently _VV 1 APPARENTLY MADE 1839 2 APPARENTLY GOT 1144 3 APPARENTLY DECIDED 1086 4 APPARENTLY …

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