‘It should be noted that’ (passives to summarise)

C1 point 36 in the category of PASSIVES is defined as: ‘it’ as a dummy subject, to summarise or evaluate in discussions, usually in formal or academic writing. *This might clash with B2. A search of the formal patterns found in the EGP for the iWeb: it_P _V _VB _VVN that 1 IT SHOULD BE …

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reporting clause (mid position)

reporting verbs in order of frequency - found in the middle of reporting.

Point 15 in the category of REPORTED SPEECH / DIRECT SPEECH is defined as: the reporting verb in the mid position of the reported clause. Here’s a list of the 10 most common B2 reporting verbs found in the mid position: claimed, commented, muttered, observed, recalled, remarked, responded, sighed, stated, whispered This is a very …

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past perfect simple (report of statements)

Point 75 in the category of PAST is defined as: Past perfect simple to report statements, where the main verb in the reporting clause is in the past simple. *This point overlaps B1. So we might surmise that ‘said’ and ‘told’ are B1 and other reporting verbs might be B2 within this structure. A search …

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