LET | MAKE + object + verb ‘make you feel’ ‘let me know’

Let’s look at an active voice structure that means: (MAKE) to force or cause someone to do something (often they do not want to do it) (LET)  to allow, make something possible or give permission In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 30 in the category of VERBs/patterns is defined as: ‘MAKE’, ‘LET’ + INFINITIVE …

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sense verb + object + infinitive

In the English Grammar Profile, C1 point 58 in the category of VERBS/patterns some verbs connected with the senses + direct object + infinitive without ‘to’ emphasising a complete action.  Here is a list of sense verbs + pronoun + infinitive A search in iWeb for: feel|smell|taste|hear|see _P _VVI *many of these seem like zero that …

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