can be

Point 98 in the category of modality is defined: GENERAL TRUTHS AND TENDENCIES: ‘can be’ TLC STUDENT SPEAKING TEST EXAMPLE: Their students can get good grades and their income can be higher. male China B1 We follow the EGP example patterns in iWeb: _NN can_VM be _R _J 1 RATES CAN BE AS HIGH 102 2 RATE CAN BE AS HIGH 92 3 INFORMATION CAN …

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adverb + adjective + noun

Point 32 in the category of NOUNs is defined as: complex noun phrases with adverb + adjective + noun EXPERT EXAMPLE: And, you know, this is a fairly transparent example. *This overlaps B1 noun phrases in the category of ADJECTIVES and clashes with C1 in the category of modality (emphasis). A search in iWeb for: _RR _JJ _NN 1 PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE …

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adverb + adjective (emphasis)

Point 199 in MODALITY is MODIFYING ADJECTIVES adjectives with adverbs, often for emphasis. The two examples in the EGP are: painfully|highly obvious|unlikely *although there are 50 examples of ‘highly’ in the following top 1000 results, there are no examples of ‘painfully’. A search in iWeb for: _RR _JJ 1 REALLY GOOD 291231 2 ALSO AVAILABLE …

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It’s + adjective + ‘that’ clause (focus)

When we look at the most common examples with the grammar pattern: ‘it is adjective that clause’ It is clear that he stole it.  It is possible that the police won’t find him.  It is likely that the man will get away. We see they all appear to have modal adjectives (clear, possible, likely) that show how sure we are about the following clause using ‘FOCUS’.  Two of …

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adjective + BUT + adjective + noun (complex noun phrase)

Here are some examples of this form:
Being nice to someone is a SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE WAY of making friends.
I am making SLOW BUT STEADY PROGRESS with my language learning.
Although she is usually easy to get along with, she does have a RARE BUT SERIOUS SIDE to her personality too.
A SMALL BUT SIGNIFICANT NUMBER of students didn’t pass the test.

(slightly | a bit | much) + COMPARATIVE

Let’s explain an expert example of the C1 grammar structure: ‘a bit’ + comparative adjective phrase: A simple comparative adjective as a complement at A2 grammar: Reality is more complicated. ‘a bit‘ is an advanced C1 adverbial phrase that can change the meaning of the comparative adjective to a small degree. Reality is a bit more complicated than this.          …

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