really really

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 38 in the category of ADVERBS/modifiers is defined as: DEGREE: ‘really really’ with verbs and adjectives for emphasis. 1 REALLY REALLY REALLY 2775 2 REALLY REALLY GOOD 2561 3 REALLY REALLY WANT 1526 4 REALLY REALLY LIKE 1090 5 REALLY REALLY BAD 1082 6 REALLY REALLY HARD 992 7 REALLY …

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MAKE + object + adjective

In the English Grammar Profile, point 52 at B1 in ADJECTIVES/position is defined as: adjectives as object complement after ‘make’. *However, this clashes with B2: where ‘it’ introduces a reference. *Note, if you capitalise your search term such as MAKE on iWeb, it will give you all forms of the word. A search in iWeb …

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