‘You know the person making them’ (reduced verbING clause)

Pearson’s GSE 56 B1+ is defined: “reduced” defining (restrictive) relative clauses with verb +-ing. This point will overlap: verb of senses + object + verbing This is difficult grammar to find in corpora since many other structures get caught.  We have done a search with a full stop to narrow out questions.  Our search string …

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will not be VERBing

Point 32 in the category of FUTURE is defined: future continuous NEGATIVE WITH ‘WILL’ (won’t) An iWeb search for: wo|will _X be _VVG 1 WO N’T BE GETTING 2959 2 WO N’T BE GOING 2821 3 WO N’T BE USING 2817 4 WILL NOT BE USING 2040 5 WO N’T BE MAKING 1550 6 WILL …

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Point 65 in future is defined as: EXPECTATIONS WITH ‘MIGHT’ OR ‘MAY’ potentially in progress at a specified or understood time in the future. A search in iWeb: might|may_V be _VVG *Not all of these are about the future.   1 MAY BE WONDERING 10730 2 MAY BE LOOKING 8324 3 MIGHT BE WONDERING 7987 4 …

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