phrasal verb + clause ‘work out how you did it’

At C2 in the English Vocabulary Profile: work out = to understand something or to find the answer to something by thinking about it A search in NOW corpus for which ‘question words’ follow phrasal verbs: work out _*Q 1 WORK OUT HOW 12286 Just give us five minutes, Mr Poirot, and I‘m sure we‘ll be able to work out how you did it. listen 2 WORK OUT WHAT 11671 …

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Point 60 in VERBS is defined as: verb + particle + preposition, where the preposition is separated from its complement. Prepositions An iWeb search for: _VV _RP _I . 1 COME UP WITH. 10825 1 previously.tv   They prepared dishes that even 5-year-olds couldn’t come up with . 2 welltrainedmind.com My boys love picking out …



B2 English Grammar Profile point 49 in VERBS/phrasal-prepositional is defined as: increasing range of verb + particle + preposition + noun or pronoun   An iWeb search for: _VV _RP _I _P 1 GET BACK TO YOU 19937 EVP C1 They can learn more things from this experience and they might get back to their school with more self-confidence. PELIC STUDENT Korean, Female, level 4, writing class 2 …

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‘Along’ is a preposition or an adverb. 1 ALONG (II21) 1742449 2 ALONG (II) 812587 4 ALONG (RP) 476307 6 ALONG (RR) 11996  

phrasal verbs

There are 9 similar points across the English Grammar Profile in the category of VERBS covering phrasal verbs across the levels.  And the differentiation between the levels becomes difficult to interpret since it is more about the vocabulary.  For this reason, the English Vocabulary Profile is probably more beneficial even though the logic of what …

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1 AWAY (RL) 3176947   3 AWAY (II21) 411361 5 AWAY (RR22) 51010   7 AWAY (JJ) 17013 9 AWAY (RP) 3475 10 AWAY (RR44) 1674


1 BACK (RP) 6374291 3 BACK (NN1) 1521907 7 BACK (VVI) 95994 13 BACK (VV0) 23213 20 BACK (JJ) 11650 30 BACK (II32) 4078


1  (RP) ‘off’ is an adverb particle most often and often appears followed by punctuation, a preposition or conjunction. 4 OFF (II) 1161417   PHRASES: 5 OFF of (II21) 6 ‘OFF’ is found as an adjective before a noun.  ‘off season’.  (JJ%)  8 OFF (JJ22) 31880 11 OFF (RR21) 15526 1 IT (PPH1) OFF (RP) …

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1 AROUND (II) 2642412 2 AROUND (RP) 2001519 1 BEEN (VBN) AROUND (RP) FOR (IF) 57254 2 WAY (NN1) AROUND (RP) . (.) 26838 3 TIME (NNT1) AROUND (RP) . (.) 23802 4 TIME (NNT1) AROUND (RP) , (,) 22216 5 PLAY (VVI) AROUND (RP) WITH (IW) 20354 6 PLAYING (VVG) AROUND (RP) WITH (IW) …

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The word ‘across’ is most often a preposition.  It can also be a locative adverb or adverb particle. Often the meaning is ‘opposite’: We‘ll be right across from you. listen   Tagging doesn’t always get it right.  THIS IS NOT A PHRASAL VERB (come across something).  For example: Police think the single shot came from across the street. listen 1 (II) As a preposition, ‘across’ precedes …

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I_PPIS1 go_VV0 over_RP the_AT bridge_NN1 ._. (if lexical verb before then ‘over’ is a particle, regardless if followed by a noun or prepositional phrase) I_PPIS1 go_VV0 over_RP for_IF lunch_NN1 ._. I_PPIS1 go_VV0 over_RP ._. (But if the verb ‘BE’ precedes ‘over’, and it followed by a noun phrase, then it is a preposition.) I_PPIS1 am_VBM …

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1 ABOUT (II) 22037137 2 ABOUT (RG) 3728749 4 ABOUT (RPK) 438095 9 ABOUT (RP) 121562 19 ABOUT (RL) 442


Down can be used in many ways! The most common is following a verb as adverb or preposition particle. 1 DOWN (RP) 6295531 4 DOWN (II) 388611 5 DOWN (RP_NN1%) 74762 6 DOWN (NN1) 69979 7 DOWN (RL22) 67905 9 DOWN (RP_VV0%) 43485 10 DOWN (JJ) 39955


1 OUT (RP) Out is most common as a particle: A search in Now corpus for: * * out_RP * * 1 CAN FIND OUT MORE ABOUT 100063 2  BY FILLING OUT THIS FORM 50797 3  TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT 32803 4  TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO 29116 5  TO GO OUT THERE AND …

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1 UP (RP) 3 (II21)  ‘up to’ is listed at B1 as complex prepositions. 4 (RG21) 6 (JJ31)  up to date 7 UP (II) 151922 9 UP (RL21) 84386 11 UP (JJ22) 47065 13 UP (NN122) 30785 22 UP (VV0%) 8620 27 UP (JJ41) 2944 31 UP (JJ21) 1968 35 UP (VVI) 817

BY phrases

In this post we explore the ways ‘by’ is tagged in large corpora such as iWeb and NOW. 1 BY (II) is clearly most commonly found to be a simple preposition. 2 BY (II31) (complex prepositional phrase) 1 BY WAY OF 81460 C1 Second, the other sentences which make up the body of the paragraph should support the topic sentence  by way of explaining or defining it. PELIC STUDENT: Korean female, level 5 writing …

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