adverb + adjective + noun

Point 32 in the category of NOUNs is defined as: complex noun phrases with adverb + adjective + noun EXPERT EXAMPLE: And, you know, this is a fairly transparent example. wnpr.org *This overlaps B1 noun phrases in the category of ADJECTIVES and clashes with C1 in the category of modality (emphasis). A search in iWeb for: _RR _JJ _NN 1 PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE …

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SUCH + adjective + noun

Point 41 in the category of  NOUNS is defined as: noun phrases with ‘such a’ + adjective + singular noun and ‘such’ + adjective + plural noun, to give emphasis.   An iWeb search for: such a _JJ _NN 1 SUCH A LONG TIME 7187 2 SUCH A BIG DEAL 6247 3 SUCH A SHORT …

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The use of the conjunction ‘plus’ is covered at two different grammar points in the EGP. Point 14 in CONJUNCTIONS/coordinating is defined as: ‘PLUS’ WITH NOUNS often in relation to numbers. Point 12 is: ‘plus’ to connect clauses and sentences, often to point out a positive addition or advantage. *The word ‘plus’ is difficult to …

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