WILL HAVE BEEN + PP (future perfect passive)

The future perfect passive is formed with the structure:  WILL HAVE BEEN + PASSIVE PARTICIPLE Here’s an EXPERT EXAMPLE of future perfect passive: If you live to 90, then 32 years will have been spent entirely asleep. TED The ending -t in (spent) is an irregular inflection for the passive participle, which regularly ends in -ed: PEARSON GSE 67 B2+ future perfect passive simple …

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BEING + past participle ‘Being born in the …’

C1 point 32 in the category of PASSIVES is defined as: NON-FINITE CLAUSES ‘-ing’ form as a subordinate clause or a noun clause to give explanatory background information. A search in the iWeb corpus for . Being _VVN * * gives us our being + past participle list   1 . BEING LOCATED IN THE …

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if + past participle

C1 English Grammar Profile point 106 in CLAUSES is defined as: ellipted ‘if’ clauses with ‘if’ + ‘-ed’ form. A search in iWeb for: if _VVN 1 IF NEEDED 103856 If needed, I will speak for you. 2 IF DESIRED 43002 3 IF REQUIRED 42676 4 IF USED 28178 5 IF GIVEN 14680 6 IF …

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