WOULD + adverb (wide range)

Let’s look at some examples of ‘would’ + a wide range of adverbs: They would eventually become the oppressive hand of the Russian government.  (Listen) What would normally take him maybe a day or something to solder by hand, he can do in a few minutes using this machine.  (Listen)   Point 234 in the category of MODALITY is defined: wide range of adverbs with ‘would’, including ‘undoubtedly’, ‘possibly’, ‘normally’, ‘personally’, ‘eventually’, ‘obviously’, ‘significantly’, …

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adverb + GOING TO

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 34 in the category of FUTURE: ‘be going to’ with a  limited range of adverbs, after the auxiliary be form, in the normal mid position. The EGP examples of adverbs include ‘never’ and ‘really’. An iWeb search for: _VB _RR _VVGK *we removed the past forms of BE 1 ‘M …

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modal verb + modal adverb

B1 Point 57 in the English Grammar Profile, in the category of MODALITY/adverbs, is defined as: modal verb + modal adverb to modify an assertion, either through hedging or emphasis. B1 point 81 in modality/adverbs is defined as: increasing range of adverbs, for emphasis However, when we check the EGP examples for point 57 which …

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increasing range of stance adverbs

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 37 in the category of adverbs/modifiers is defined as: increasing range of adverbs: to indicate an attitude or viewpoint. For example: Basically, I agree with you. We need blankets because we should keep our bodies warm while we are sleeping. PELIC STUDENT: Japanese, Male, 4, g This is obviously for me. listen A list of adverbs can be taken from the EGP examples: completely|obviously|clearly|actually|luckily|honestly|sadly|basically|obviously|hopefully In iWeb …

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past perfect continuous + adverb ‘had already been doing’

B2 English Grammar Profile point 76 in the category of PAST is: past perfect continuous WITH ADVERBS in the normal mid position For example: I had just been doing some reading. listen An iWeb search for: had _rr been _vvg 1 HAD ALREADY BEEN WORKING 359 2 HAD ALREADY BEEN USING 210 3 HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN USING 122 4 HAD ALSO …

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past continuous + adverb (range)

This is another grammar point where the English Vocabulary Profile is probably better at profiling the language than the English Grammar Profile.  There are a handful of adverbs that already make the task across levels quite difficult to follow.  We then should consider the hundred other adverbs that appear in this ‘mid position’. A2 point …

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MUST + modal adverb

These are the 12 adverbs I would teach with “must” to advanced students: correctly, either, generally, somehow, therefore, constantly, currently, necessarily, simply, successfully, surely, satisfactorily, ultimately.