Note | Notice | See (focus)

Within a text or speech, we can use imperatives to point to its parts for the reader or listener to focus on. For example:

SEE the section on the presence of issues below.
NOTE the lack of a safety manual.
NOTICE the difference between these two charts.

may not

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 94 in the category of MODALITY is defined: ‘may’ negative PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: However, you may not deny that you can not buy happiness even if you have too much money. Korean male, level 4 writing class. An iWeb search for: may_VM not _V*I 1 MAY NOT KNOW 28529 2 MAY NOT WORK 22681 3 MAY NOT WANT 17165 4 MAY …

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quantity phrase + uncountable noun

The English Grammar Profile claims that there are over 1000 grammar points in its inventory.  However, there are numerous points that are overlapping.  This post shows 3 posts that overlap. B1 Point 34 in the category of NOUNS is defined as: uncountable nouns with an increasing range of determiners/quantity words and phrases including ‘much’, ‘a …

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as soon as (future)

This is another clashing point.  Although ‘as soon as’ is listed at B1 future, it is also listed in B2 conjunctions. FOR EXAMPLE: It will end as soon as Hedge finds his target. A search in iWeb for: _VVI as soon as _P 1 KNOW AS SOON AS WE 441 2 KNOW AS SOON AS YOU 362 3 KNOW AS SOON …

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do + VERB (emphasis)

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 79 in the category of CLAUSES is defined as: auxiliary verb ‘do’ in an affirmative declarative clause, for emphasis and affirmation. *Note that ‘did’ for emphasis is C1. A search in iWeb for: do _VVI 1 DO KNOW 89665 2 DO GET 69098 3 DO THINK 68682 I do think that it is important for people who are being …

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the same as

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 52 in the category of CLAUSES/comparatives is defined as: THE SAME’ (+ NOUN) + ‘AS’ + PRONOUN OR NOUN Here is an example without a noun after ‘the same’: The Mary Lou is actually the same as the Mary Jane. listen A search in iWeb for: the same _N as _N *Note that if there is …

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past simple negative

A2 English Grammar Profile point 10 in the category of NEGATION is defined as: negative statements of main verbs in the past simple with ‘didn’t’ + main verb A search in iWeb for: did n’t _VVI 1 DID N’T KNOW 189531 2 DID N’T WANT 163517 3 DID N’T GET 103113 4 DID N’T THINK …

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verb + THAT clause

In the English Grammar Profile, A2 point 24 in the category of VERBS/patterns is defined as: limited range of verbs, typically reporting, with a ‘that’-clause as the direct object Here are examples that are not really ‘reporting’: l just want you all to know that I care about each and every person at this table. listen Studies have shown that there are many benefits of music education.     An iWeb search for _VV that_CST * …

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