B1 Point 6 in the category of PASSIVES is defined as: past simple passive with a limited range of verbs needing two objects, putting the indirect object in subject position. *There is more information about this grammar at B2 TLC SPEAKING TEST EXAMPLE: I was given a big horse. female Russia B1 PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: When my husband was given a blow to the head in Oakland last year, I got frightened. …

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or something else?

Point 15 in the category of QUESTIONs is defined as: VAGUE alternative question with ‘or something else’ as the second alternative to a noun phrase, to refer to something non-specific. FOR EXAMPLE: Ultimately, does longer life as we know it come down to diet, exercise, medicine, or something else? A search in iWeb for: _N or something else ? 1 ISSUE OR SOMETHING ELSE ? …

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the same as

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 52 in the category of CLAUSES/comparatives is defined as: THE SAME’ (+ NOUN) + ‘AS’ + PRONOUN OR NOUN Here is an example without a noun after ‘the same’: The Mary Lou is actually the same as the Mary Jane. listen A search in iWeb for: the same _N as _N *Note that if there is …

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one’s + NOUN

The English Grammar Profile C1 Point 62 in DETERMINERS/possessives is defined as: ONE’S to indicate possession, referring to people in general. This corresponds to the GSE 71 B2+ one’s as an impersonal possessive adjective. An iWeb search: one _GE _N 1 ONE ‘S LIFE 8388 It’s hard to imagine the rest of one’s life alone. listen 2 ONE ‘S SELF 5224 3 ONE …

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that | those (emotional distance)

C2 point 68 in DETERMINERS/demonstratives is defined as: ‘that’ and ‘those’ to convey emotional distance, often to express disapproval. The two examples in the EGP: that_DD1 sort_NN1 of_IO behaviour_NN1 those_DD2 so-called_JJ heroes_NN2 Emotional distance or disapproval is not possible to locate in corpora automatically.  We can start by copying the language patterns above. But really, …

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TOO adjective + prepositional phrase

– too + adjective + prepositional phrase
– adjective phrases with a very limited range of adjectives + a prepositional phrase

In the English Grammar Profile, in the category of modifying ADJECTIVES, there is an overlap between the two points above. The EGP examples for range are:

… good for my body
… full of people

sense verb + OBJECT + VERB-ing

B2 point 54 in VERBS/patterns is defined as: some verbs connected with the senses + direct object + an ‘-ing’ form, to give emphasis to an ongoing activity. *I don’t believe B2 complexity should hinge on ‘activity’.  It should also include a state.  For example: I don’t see myself being with anyone else but you, Sarah. listen An iWeb search for: sense verbs …

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NOUN + ‘s

The English Grammar Profile claims there are over 1000 points in their database.  This post is another example of why it is not true.  One of the greatest problems with listing points is finding which category to list them in without merely duplicating the same points.  Both the following points are one point at the …

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It seems impossible to find a lexical base verb after lexical verb + noun. 1 GET (VVI) THINGS (NN2) DONE (VDN) 15273 2 MAKE (VVI) ENDS (NN2) MEET (VVI) 12084 3 GETTING (VVG) THINGS (NN2) DONE (VDN) 7515 4 LET (VVI) PEOPLE (NN) KNOW (VVI) 6309 5 HAVING (VHG) TROUBLE (NN1) GETTING (VVG) 6301 6 …

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A search for: _N _RL 1 RIGHT (NN1_RR) AWAY (RL) 65079 2 MILES (NNU2) AWAY (RL) 62505 3 COMMENTS (NN2) BELOW (RL) 51896 4 VIDEO (NN1) BELOW (RL) 43933 5 PEOPLE (NN) HERE (RL) 40996 6 WAY (NN1) HOME (RL_NN1) 38231 7 LINK (NN1) BELOW (RL) 37030 8 TIME (NNT1) TOGETHER (RL) 35626 9 FUNERAL …