mutiplying predeterminer + noun phrase

‘double, treble, quadruple’ can be multiplying predeterminers.  They come before other determiners in a noun phrase.  For example, ‘double the national average.’ New York City‘s unemployment rate was nearly double the national average in June. Other multiplying expressions: He earns three times more than me. She gets paid nearly three times as much as me. *In the English Vocabulary Profile, B1 if followed by a comparative structure. We can’t be …

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each | an | one + SINGULAR NOUN

In the English Grammar Profile, A2 point 28 in the category of DETERMINERS is defined as: increasing range of quantifying determiners with singular nouns (‘each’, ‘an’, ‘one’ and numbers) each|an|one _NN1 1 ONE THING 587964 2 AN EXAMPLE 440517 3 AN OPPORTUNITY 390589 4 AN EMAIL 364587 5 AN ISSUE 358269 6 AN AREA 254162 …

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