a little | a bit of | a little bit of

B1 English Grammar Profile point 49 in DETERMINERS is defined as: quantifying determiners with uncountable nouns, often in informal and/or spoken contexts (‘a little’, ‘a bit of’ and ‘a little bit of’) *note, ‘little’ is hard to tag as a determiner and not an adjective.  Also, we believe that pronouns and other determiners should be …

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WHERE (relative clause)

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 78 in the category of CLAUSES is described as: defining relative clauses with ‘where’ to define nouns referring to place. For example: Her laptop computer is on the top of the desk where it is easy for her to reach. PELIC STUDENT: Chinese, Female, Level 3, Writing Class. *One could argue that ‘where’ could refer to a situation and not just a physical place, and …

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