Don’t get me wrong

In the English Vocabulary Profile, Don’t get me wrong INFORMAL C2 used when you do not want someone to think that you do not like someone or something For example: Now, don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful to be alive,  and I am painfully aware that this struggle is a privilege that many don’t get to experience.   Collocates of ‘Don’t get me wrong‘ in the MOVIE corpus: 1 N’T 917 2 LOVE 72 Don’t get me wrong, I love it. listen …

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CAN | WILL (affirmative declarative clause)

A1 point 1 in the category of CLAUSES is defined: affirmative declarative clauses with modal verbs. The English Grammar Profile examples include: ‘can’ and ‘will’.  Future simple modality is also covered here. Here are STUDENT EXAMPLES: A lot of farmers can read and write, but they didn’t complete high school. PELIC Chinese female level 3 writing class.   I will go to New York on Thanksgiving day. Korean female level …

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verb + preposition + object

In the English Grammar Profile, A1 point 4 in VERBS/prepositional is defined as: limited range of prepositional verbs followed by noun or pronoun objects. The examples in the EGP: listen_VV0 to_II music_NN1 look_VVI after_II her_PPHO1 look_VVI for_IF mushrooms_NN2 Point 31 at B1 is the same as above except: “increasing range”. James, do you think you can cope with the pressure? listen We wish we wouldn’t have to deal with these things. …

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