adjective AND adjective

Point 2 in the category of ADJECTIVES: COMBINING TWO ADJECTIVES:  ‘and’ to join a limited range of common adjectives. An iWeb search for: _JJ and _JJ 1 BLACK AND WHITE 119795 2 QUICK AND EASY 85535 3 INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL 42909 4 NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL 42796 5 OLD AND NEW 35184 6 GOOD AND BAD …

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At the end of the day (FOCUS EXPRESSIONS)

English Grammar Profile C1 Point 8 in the category of FOCUS is defined as: fixed expressions in the front position for focus. Within the EGP examples,  + we have added the COCA frequency. . At the end of the day , 1092 . All in all , 1058 . All things considered , 130 . …

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