defining relative clause TO infinitive

Here’s an expert example of a defining relative clause using TO-infinitive: Several years earlier, she‘d become the first woman to ski to the South Pole. Listen to the sentence. The first woman to ski can be written in another way with the same meaning: the first woman who skied  Pearson’s GSE 56 B1+ is defined:  construct defining (restrictive) relative clauses with ‘to’ + infinitive verb …

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adverbial phrases with AT

AT is by far the most common as a simple preposition.  AT is also used in adverbial phrases which we have listed in order of most frequent according to iWeb corpus and then given examples of their usage in sentences: 1 AT ALL 1232801 Maybe they weren’t thinking about anything at all. listen Actually, in traumatic situations,  it‘s not at all uncommon. listen 2 AT FIRST 403759 …

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See, this is really weird,  but I had this feeling the minute that the phone rang,  I said, Jackie, pick it up, you‘ve got a grandchild. listen Minute is usually a noun, but in the above usage ‘the minute + that CLAUSE‘ it means as soon as. Similary, in the next example, ‘any minute‘ means ‘very soon‘: Colin could you possibly find somewhere else to pray,  your brother and sister will be here any minute now. listen 1 MINUTE (NNT1) 645067 (A1 noun) = 60 seconds. …

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