completely | totally | extremely + ADJECTIVE

C1 point 60 in ADVERBS/modifiers is defined as: a wide range of adverbs with adjectives to express degree or intensity. A search in iWeb for: completely|totally|extremely _JJ 1 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT 110150 She’s a completely different person. Listen 2 EXTREMELY IMPORTANT 53789 It’s extremely important that I get an answer as soon as possible. Listen 3 TOTALLY DIFFERENT 47353 4 COMPLETELY NEW 39714 5 EXTREMELY DIFFICULT 36700 6 EXTREMELY HIGH 36501 …

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-able adjective suffix

Most words that end in -able are adjectives. Here we list in order of most to least frequent those found in the top 100 on iWeb corpus.  These are not found much in the lower proficiency levels.  It would be wiser to teach vocabulary this way at upper-intermediate and above. They are AVAILABLE, COMFORTABLE, VALUABLE, …

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