Point 116 in PRONOUNS is defined as: a cleft construction beginning with ‘it’ to emphasise the subject of the main clause. FOR EXAMPLE: After all, it’s individuals who are to blame here, right? *Seems like religious contexts use this structure. An iWeb search for: It _V _N who _V 1 IT IS GOD WHO IS 218 2 IT IS GOD WHO …


if + past participle

C1 English Grammar Profile point 106 in CLAUSES is defined as: ellipted ‘if’ clauses with ‘if’ + ‘-ed’ form. A search in iWeb for: if _VVN 1 IF NEEDED 103856 If needed, I will speak for you. 2 IF DESIRED 43002 3 IF REQUIRED 42676 4 IF USED 28178 5 IF GIVEN 14680 6 IF …

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past perfect simple (report of statements)

Point 75 in the category of PAST is defined as: Past perfect simple to report statements, where the main verb in the reporting clause is in the past simple. *This point overlaps B1. So we might surmise that ‘said’ and ‘told’ are B1 and other reporting verbs might be B2 within this structure. A search …

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