verb + object + clause

Point 12 in the category of VERBS/patterns is defined: verbs, typically reporting verbs, followed by a noun or pronoun as the indirect object and a clause with or without ‘that’, as the direct object. *Note some of our search results are not indirect objects.  However, the A2 complexity is still there with relative clauses. _VV …

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WHICH (relative clause)

Point 23 in the category of CLAUSES is defined: non-defining relative clause with ‘which’ as the subject Point 12 is the same but: defining relative clause with ‘which’ as the subject. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: She is coming out from the KITSON which is located in LA and is a department store. Korean male level 3 writing class. An iWeb search for: _N which _VV 1 WHICH BRINGS 9614 2 …

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