gerund (passive complement)

Here’s a STUDENT EXAMPLE: Therefore, people should educate themselves on their human rights and the basic human rights that other nations have in order to avoid being deceived. PELIC Arabic female level 4 writing class. GSE 64 B2 NP + VP +VP gerund (passive)   An iWeb search for: * _VV being _VVN * 1 TO AVOID BEING HIT BY 313 2 TO AVOID BEING HIT . 185 3 N’T LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT 182 …

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I must admit

The fixed expression ‘I must admit’ is used to express something that you feel guilty or embarrassed about, or to show that someone else impresses you more than you expected. For example:
I must admit, I’m not very good at this sort of thing.
I must admit, you’re quite a singer.

The fixed expression ‘you must admit’ is used to express concession, which means acknowledging a point made by someone else, even if you disagree with them. For example:
You must admit, he has a point.
You must admit, it was a close game.