future perfect passive

Here’s an EXPERT EXAMPLE of future perfect passive: If you live to 90, then 32 years will have been spent entirely asleep. TED PEARSON GSE 67 B2+ future perfect passive simple is oddly unlisted in the English Grammar Profile.  The EGP does have perfect passive at B2, but no mention of it with ‘will have been + past participle’.  For that reason here we …

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present perfect simple negative (wide range of verbs)

Point 84 in the category of PAST: present perfect simple with the full negative forms with a wide range of verbs, often in formal contexts. An iWeb search for: _N have|has not _VVN 1 POLICE HAVE NOT RELEASED 590 2 GOD HAS NOT GIVEN 328 3 CANCER HAS NOT SPREAD 302 4 STUDIES HAVE NOT …

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