adverb + determiner

Here are a few examples of determiners premodified by intensifiers. There are hardly any phone booths left in this city.   TLC male India B1 We have nearly all the big automobile companies. TLC male India, B1   It took me virtually no time at all. Listen to this expert example B1 point 48 in the category of DETERMINERS/quantity is defined as: modify determiners with adverbs. There is clashing information in the English Grammar Profile.  The example …

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degree adverbs modifying adjectives ‘almost certain’

Here’s an example of hedging an assertion: I’m almost certain that it was him. Listen   You seem pretty sure of yourself. Listen C1 point 210 in MODALITY on the English Grammar Profile is based on: MODIFYING an ADJECTIVE for HEDGING with a degree adverb. We are offered only two examples: ‘quite probable’ and ‘almost certain.’  Since this is in the category of …

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